Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2016 – Songs 81-100
Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2016 – Songs 81-100

Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2016 – Songs 81-100

Halleljuah the Hills – We Have the Perimeter Surrounded
Q: How does it feels to be a part of the light brigade, dumping wattage on hate parades?
A: When u are a part of the light brigade ur arms become lightning & u get to wear a glowing hat & u POWER UP by being 2 cool.
Excerpt from Q&A with Small Albums

Horse Jumper of Love – Ugly Brunette
Dreamy kind of woman

Astronoid – Up and Atom
The result of a blossoming romance between Sigur Ros and Dark Tranquility

Bent Knee – Black Tar  Water
That dirty water makes your voice soar

Dr Quandary – Into the Dirt
Twangy modern melancholy (with amazing artwork)

Ghost Box Orchestra – High Plaine
Cosmic motorz ready to roar

Brady McCabe – SP8CE
This space is full of tasty guitar solos and vintage synth sounds

Kurt Von Stetten – Future is Fashion
KVS and his music is the future (one hopes)

Bent Shapes – What We Do is Public
Sometimes the things you do in public are the best

Solei – Wave Cave
Studies in weightlesness

The Ghost of Electricity – The Ritual
Lovely bones for mysterious ritual

Bedbug – Boy Songs // Love Songs
Neither a boy song, nor a love song (might be an Aphex Twin reference, however)

Mosey Greams (ft. Valeska)  – Nocturnal Parade
Some amazing things (and tiny fuming nightmares) being cooked in Boston kitchens

Elyphant – Rook
Some tasty knob twiddling/twirling

Particulars – 60,000 x Water
All the toys (and phones) gone mad

Elephants – Lines
Happy days are here again and its easy to clap along to the beat

Medical Maps – All God’s Children Got Guns
Hopefully they’ll kill everyone with kindness

Windmills by the Ocean – The Whist
Swirling vortex of sound, pulling the listener in with each subsequent chug

Michael Barrett – N.Y.C.
Grimy, cinematic cut that’s easy to mistake for a lost Mark Sandman piece (Babe the Blue Ox shoutout included)

Printing Shed – The Mirror You Broke a While Ago
Traces of violence abound among the quiet


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