Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2016 – Songs 61-80
Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2016 – Songs 61-80

Best New Music From Boston and New England of 2016 – Songs 61-80

Los Greys – Australia
Slightly melancholic and surreal trip to a different land

Deadbeat Club – Elyria
Wrestling match between PJ Harvey, Breeders and Babes in Toyland

Bad Deals – Paint
Wynona gets some bad deals and a paint bucket instead of big brown beaver

Andy California – My Dying Bed
A dose of primal blues from Brookline/Boston city madman

Skinny Bones – Ask the Atlantic
And Atlantic responds with some deliciously dark techno beats

Food Court – Cinnaboner

A chance of random meeting at the Food Court

Dust From 1000 Years – Someday
Slow boat to a better someday

Kave Kraft – Lophopolis
Follow the Golden God in this psychprog epic

Coraldefense – Family Hive
Befriending computers one keyboard click at a time

Flying Vipers – Cheeba Hawking
Some good cheeba from these veterans of Dub Wars

Nat Lyon – Dope Bike Man
It is a dope bike, man

Chronic Fatigue – Nothing Important Happened Today
Mysterious entity with a haunting sound of its own

Magno Garcia – Ernest Hemingway
Skillful apprentice of God’s Son

ALX||| – I Hate the Beach
Sounds like the opposite of the title

Worshipper – High Above the Clouds
Worshiping that classic metal sound with an eye watching from above (is that you, Dio?)

Major Stars – Alert
Major alert to everyone that loves the big, noisy guitar sound


Sadha – Crown of Clouds
Flying at blazing speeds on a rollercoaster of riffs

Inside World – Ghost
The memories remain (with apologies to Metallica)

Twink – Fruitbat
Very special exclusive from the wonderfully mad scientist Mike Langlie

Jenova 7 / M-Dot / Eddie Shinn – Space Jive
Forces of Boston hip-hop joining forces with Russian producer in this cosmic journey

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