100 Great Music Singles from Boston and New England of 2015 – 31-40
100 Great Music Singles from Boston and New England of 2015 – 31-40

100 Great Music Singles from Boston and New England of 2015 – 31-40

Great Smokey – Polyamorous
Brewed in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts sometime around 2009, the music of Great Smokey is varied- at times a raw stomp through murky water, a cold wind rushing into the valley or the shaking atmosphere of an incoming plane. Who knows where it will land.
Bat House – Twist
Bat House is a cosmic rock band from Boston who takes admiration in things sub-planetary and neil degrasse tyson related
Make sure to listen with headphone so that you can hear all the vocal harmonies and awesome guitar interplay (Jon Carp)
Hvalros – Sloth Tamer
From the muddy banks of the Merrimack river comes a monster of such proportion that even a mountain of masses could never describe its magnanimous stature
The Hvalros is available for childrens parties (black metal only) and jewish religious celebrations (only)
Kindling – Blinding Wave
Kindling are a noisy shoegaze band from Easthampton, Massachusetts that use thick layers of reverb to give you a joyful, feathery embrace. “Blinding Wave,” a track from their upcoming EP, Galaxies, shows a sure sign of growth from the brief sketches of their last EP, Spike & Wave. “Blinding Wave” is a distinctly upbeat and fiery pop song with the kind of melodic fuzz you can melt in. The guitars beam with bright reverb and are crushingly loud, but without the sort of dark, gloomy density that marks other contemporary shoegaze bands like Whirr (Stereogum)
Post Modern Authors – Wash Away
Rings on the edge of a dark and quiet, explosive landscape
Sports Coach – Lesson One is Breathing
Sports Coach is not responsible for any personal injury whether it be of mental, physical or spiritual nature.
Bedroom Eyes – Lorraine
Bedroom Eyes beautifully toss themselves between shoegaze and punk creating an air of noise, whirrs and crashes you’d expect from Boston-area veterans in the scene (Allston Pudding)
Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion – Terrifying Master
Boss Metal Zone EP by Boston band Beware The Dangers Of a Ghost Scorpion! is a high octane surf punk treat. The album is a fast moving experience with 4 tracks, each around 2 to 2:30 minutes long. The guitar tones in this instrumental EP blend and harmonize beautifully, evoking the ending credits in a pulp noir jaunt. (Anda Volley)
Gravel – 19
Just some girls with tunes and tudes
Halfsour – Porch Sittin
Another day, another hit from Jigsaw Records 2016 collection. This time out, we’ve got a tune from Boston’s Halfsour, bringing about a more ramshackle bit of power-pop. The track has an inner hook, but it’s coated in the way the vocals are delivered with a devil-may-care attitude; it even sounds like the tune was recorded live, giving it a punch that you don’t always get with perfected studio blends. They’ll be releasing their debut album on January 29th, and if you’re asking me, this song is one helluva way to kick things off. (Austin Town Hall)


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