Watch // IHN Fest 2021 / 2.0
Watch // IHN Fest 2021 / 2.0

Watch // IHN Fest 2021 / 2.0

Archives for IHN Fest can be found here.


Skyjelly – Untitled Improv
Solilians and Mariana Bekerman Dance Company do Gamma Rays 37 Outro
The Earthly Frames – She Waits For Yesterday (Code Owl)
Bloom de Wilde – Flying Carpenters (Dream Society)
Interbella – IS
Benjamin Finger – Auditory colors (Krysalisound)
Electric Djinn – Apophenia
Bathyphysa – The Beach Is A Pane Of Glass
Obey Cobra – Velvet Undergrounds Sister Ray
Vapour Theories – Big Ship (Fire Records)
Modern Studies – The Body Is A Tide (Fire Records)
Paul Kendall – Boundary Macro (Downwards Records)
Salvatore Mercatante – Foundation Four Obsolete Code (Castles in Space)
Test Subjects – Raymen Noodles
Herbcraft – Jupiter Trine Sun (Hello Sunshine / Woodsist)
worriedaboutsatan – Making Your Masks (Burning Witches Records)
Shade Cobain – 2 Peace Experiment
Virtually J – Manasoravar
Jude Cowan Montague – After Midnight
Jilk – Pause The Clocks For Women In Love (Castles in Space)
Harrison and Dunkley – Morning
Dyr Faser – Eleven
Armageddon Speaking – Tomorrow Can Be Better If We Make It So
Heartwood Institute + Panamint Manse – Etching Mirage (Castles in Space)
Skyjelly + Solilians – The Sisko
Goodparley – End I (Wormhole World)

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