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Archives of our very music festival – currently only happening online / on Youtube, though live version might come back some day!


The kick off / the inaugural edition…

Featuring Wolfbear, Skyjelly, So Li’lElectric Djinn, Magoo (Mike Margulis), Earthly Frames, Live set by Incentive and Matt DeMello


Featuring Wolfbear, Skyjelly, DCKM, Neuro…No Neuro, Forbidden Planet, Billordo, Violet NoxThe Sun Beats DownTomotsugu Nakamura, Yar Dreams of Sela, m.a.s.s.a.i., Embryoroom, dj ewi


Featuring Petridisch, Turkish Delight, Tofurkey (Turkish Delight tribute), Bill Whitten / William Carlos Whitten, Skyjelly, Solilians, James Britt, Mzungu and Guiding Light


Featuring Electric Djinn, EYEBALL, Big Pal, Patricia Wolf, Neuro…No Neuro, Emerald Comets, Niksen, Now Sleep and more.


Featuring This Ship Argo, Thor & Friends, Moon Duo, Whirling Hall of Knives, R. Stevie Moore, Coupler, Kurt von Stetten, Rangers and more.


Featuring Pylon, Jesu, The Night Monitor, GarageDogs, Melted Bodies, Shane Parish, Wendy Eisenberg, Suko Pyramid, Leaving Richmond and more.


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