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Creeps - Taxxes-OKPanda

Texas might not be heavily associated with experimental/electronic scene, but Creeps are here to change that.  Contrary to the band’s name there’s nothing creepy about their music – its got a slightly dark tinge to it, but that’s about it. Oh yes, its got the beat too, so you can dance to it…maybe…if you dare.

“GHE”, the subject of our premiere, could be a long lost track from the era dominated by Warp/Skam. Plenty of stuttering, gurgly and distorted bleeps, beats and noise to be found within – and on top you got the dark (though, not overwhelmingly so) melody. The visuals, though relatively simple, complete the picture – a wild collision of kaleidoscopic / fractal / strobe effects to match the insanity (and intensity) of the sound.
One by Creeps is out now

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