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A new full-length by this long-running California band, which is scheduled for release on August 24th via Asthmatic Kitty label.

Trumans Water never really went away. Scarce in their native land, yes — that, indeed, the veteran American “spazz-rock”/”squiggle-core” group has been in recent years. (Increasingly more obscure as well, relatively unknown to untold pods of younger blog-rockin’ folk — sharp-eared discerners, who might well luv TW were they to know TW — if still deemed “legendary” by those who, a) remember Trumans’ halcyon days in America’s early/mid-‘90s “guitar-rock” underground; b) recall the life-altering praise from abroad, with the late great all-time tip-top good-taste-making radio DJ John Peel championing them over international airwaves, and the Melody Maker making this pithy 1993 assessment: “Sonic freaks with a lust for life, Trumans Water make Pavement sound like U2.”  Hear, hear? Not bad — but your call.)

Read more on Astmathic Kitty website.
Tracklist: Since Yesterday / Bev Toxin / Ammunition / Ur-Cod / Greased Water / Blasphemous Cordialantlers Ride! / 2 Hands 4 Eyes / Thew Eak Hen / 5-7-10 Split / We Fish/ Radio Played / You Live Out Loud / Horsesplinter Wraparound

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