Unspooling the Thread // Pardon the Album
Unspooling the Thread // Pardon the Album

Unspooling the Thread // Pardon the Album

I would cut my legs and tits off
When I think of Boris Karloff and Kinski
In the dark of the moon
It made me dream of Nosferatu
Trapped on the isle of Doctor Moreau
Oh wouldn’t it be lovely

As our former president is (at the long last) departed the White House, we came up with an idea based on the long list of pardons he issued at the last minute. What if you could pardon an album instead of a person? Because who’s to argue that albums, just like people, too often end up being maligned and mistreated…


Our own picks include

Cold Lake by Celtic Frost – not as bad as most people would paint it out to be. Dark glam record that was completely disavowed by the band.

S/T by Attila – Billy Joel’s metal band and their one and only full-length. Billy eventually took off with the drummer’s wife (not that it affected the quality of music, by any means – peep the Plant-isms of “Wonder Woman” and the Deep Purplesque-organ work (not to mention the first blastbeats on record)).

Many a subject of discussions we had with Disco Sam as well.

Lulu by Metallica – “Bad Metallica album, good Lou Reed’s album” – RYM

Reading – The Lou Reed Obituary No One Else Will Write (via Matt DeMello / BreakThruRadio)

And here’s what our followers had to say

Christopher Lee – Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross (via Phirnis) – CL’s metal album

Metal Machine Music, Keynsham, Midnite Vultures, Skull Ring, Funstyle, Squeeze, Clear Spot, Ain’t Love Grand, Peeping Tom (via Oscar Goff)

Lulu (via Lettuce)

Smash Mouth (via Raised by Cassettes)

Any album by James Last (via Groovehare)

Bob Dylan – Self-Portrait (via bromf)

Wings – Venus and Mars (via David Little)

I would not pardonDisco Sam

Wings – Band on the Run (via Vogon Laundromat)

Neil Young – Trans (via Yes Selma) – an undervalued masterpiece!

Chinese Democracy (via Christian Mayhem) – I will always stand behind this as a good album

Love – Four Sail (via David Atkinson)

Second choice – Aztec Camera – Knife

Flick Of The Switch (via Riot Season)

Tin Machine I (via Monboddo) – this is for the Bowie fans

Black Flag – What The… (via Way-Out is the Way Out)


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