2020 in Review // Mix by Wormhole World
2020 in Review // Mix by Wormhole World

2020 in Review // Mix by Wormhole World

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Wormhole World Mix featuring a minute and a half from every album released last year (and, a few extras too!)

Albums Featured in the Mix

Chorchill – Kolonie

VEiiLA – The Nation Of One

Sound Effects Of Death And Horror – The Rose And The Cross

Lark – Funny Man

St James Infirmary – Amongst The Sarsens

Wonderful Beasts – Heavy Gaze EP

Void Vertex – Everything I Am (Is Built From You)

Idiot Blur Fanboy – Oasis Are The Enemy

Skyjelly / Solilians – In the Running 1 – CD version of our split!

Wonderful Beasts – The Art Of Whisper

Crumpsall Riddle – Looking After The Duck

Warped Freqs – Shifting Initiation

Vukovar – Exhumation: The First Death Of Vukovar (2014 – 2019)

Palavas – Centerpiece

Xqui – Microchasm – CD via Submarine Broadcasting Co

Xqui – Dysfunction

Saltings – The May Queen

Paul Wormhole – Wellbeing

Van Jack – Lesser

Lark – Funny Man – The Remixes

St James Infirmary – April

Stuart Chalmers – The Heart of Contemplation

Flying Pyjamas – Eery

Robyn G Shiels & Steve Nolan – Sky Drew Near

mzungu – With Seasonal Affect

Xqui – Live at The Rainbow Room – 06​​/​​06​​/​​2020

Outside The Glitch – Cartography

Radio Europa – Something Beautiful [feat. Gwenllian Anthony​(​Adwaith​)​] (Conformist RMX)

Quimper – Dejado

Carnedd Aur – Moths

Motorpig – Graveyard Slots

boycalledcrow – Mystic Scally

Forest Robots – After Geography

Ivy And Gregory – Shifting The Crap Haze

Horrible Porn – 25 Cromwell Street

Alan Chamberlain – Wales 1891 Canada

St James Infirmary – And Then The Wires Sing​.​.​.​.​.​.​.​.

Greg Nieuwsma – Rabbit Hole Variations

Windows Become Doors – Autopoiesis

Spacelab – Kaleidomission

Flying Pyjamas – A Deformed Nature

Netta Goldhirsch – Love Doesn’t Exist

Egone – Trainee Executioner

Rafael de Toledo Pedroso – Fly Like Chez Ami

Goodparley – Sedative Songs

Op Erration – 5 Initiates

Orpheline – Apparitius

Gareth Jones – Electrogenetic

Alan Morse Davies – Everything Special

DXIII – Abyss Mall

Not Quite So – 47 Minutes

St James Infirmary – Christmas (SLFJ)

Gaia – Mai

Xqui – Tibet EP

Xqui – Swarm

Flying Pyjamas – Wellbeing 1

Xqui / GvM / Pelso – Venezia

VEiiLA – Void Vertex Remixes

Xqui – Live at The Rainbow Room 06​/​06​/​2020

Compilations Featured in the Mix

Retrophonica – Aetheric Transmissions

A Picture Of Good Health 3​.​2

A Picture Of Good Health 3​.​1

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