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TR is a WYBC Yale Radio show run by Cris Shirley, which promotes “discarded sounds and noises” as well as “experiments in the exploration of the ecology of the radio and sound”. In addition to this, the mission statement affirms that “Radio will be used both as the instrument of broadcast and as the instrument of composition” and “Oral histories will also be broadcast along with old radio and commercial content to both simultaneously dislocate and recontextualized the experience of radio.”

So far, the show includes 6 volumes – “Shortwaving and Associate”,  “Tripping Over The Psychedelic Waves”, “RANTS!”, “Extreme Slow Dance”, “Hella Noise” and “oH NO! Yoko Tribute”.

Check it out here – archive.org page for a show includes mp3, podcast and playlists for every volume of the program.

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