New Music Releases – January of 2010
New Music Releases – January of 2010

New Music Releases – January of 2010

New Music Releases

Here’s a list of new release for January of this year, according to Brainwashed and Delusions of Adequacy websites:
Blockhead – The Music Scene (Ninja Tune)
Ceremony – Someday (Killer Pimp)
Dinowalrus – % (Kanine)
Fucked Up – Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2008 (Matador)
Kria Brekkan – Uterus Water (Paw Tracks)
Nick Cave / Warren Ellis – The Road Soundtrack (Mute)
Four Tet – There’s Love In You (Domino)
Husky Rescue – Ship Of Light (Catskills)
Infinite Body – Carve Out The Face Of My God (PPM)
Jaga Jazzist – One Armed Bandit (Ninja Tune)
King Crimson – Lizard (40th Anniversary Series) (DGM)
Francisco Lopez – Machines (Elevator Bath)
Major Stars – Return To Form (Drag City)
Polysics – Absolute Polysics (MySpace)
Red Krayola – Five American Portraits (Drag City)
Retribution Gospel Choir – 2 (Sub Pop)
Royal Trux – Untitled (Drag City)
Scratoa! – Live En San Anton (Killer Pimp)
Shapes Stars Make – These Mountains Are Safe (Dreamt Music)
Soundpool – But It’s So (Killer Pimp)
Susu – R And R And R (Self-Released)
The Guilded Palace Of Sin – You’ll Break Our Hearts, We’ll Tear Yours Out (Central Control)
These New Puritans – Hidden (Domino)
Worm Ouroboros – Worm Ouroboros (Profound Love)
Virulence – If This Isn’t A Dream (1985-1989) (Southern Lord) – Virulence are now known as Fu Manchu
Animal Collective – Campfire Songs (Paw Tracks)
Harvey Milk – Harvey Milk (Hydra Head)
Gang Gang Dance – God’s Money (The Social Registry)
Nurse With Wound – Chance Meeting on a Disscting Table Between a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella (Jnana)


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