Track-by-Track // Tree No Leaves – The Eyes of Xylem
Track-by-Track // Tree No Leaves – The Eyes of Xylem

Track-by-Track // Tree No Leaves – The Eyes of Xylem

Based in Bowling Green, OH, Tree No Leaves is a quintet that flows between genres and eras of psychedelic rock and soul.

Handing over the mic to artists/musicians who break down their new albums track by track/share the thought process behind the creation. Today we’ll hear from Dustin Galish, founder of Ohio-based Tree No Leaves whose latest LP “The Eyes of Xylem” is out now.

20/20 – Creation of life for our central characters Elder and Willow. We see their formation from seed, root, tree. When birthed from the ground the two are brought together in an arranged companionship. Each of the trees is born with only one eye. The lone eye symbolizes reality tunnel vision and that any one entity having the ability to achieve true balance in their perceptions need experience to expand them. They are then sent off together to seek adventures in the new age.

New Wave Cocktail – Elder and Willow embark on a new adolescent road trip. While stopping at a E Station they end up drinking a glowing cocktail made from elderberries that they buy from a salesman who is a snake in a suit. They start to have mild to intense psychedelic experiences on the road. Elder loves the experience while Willow is scared. Through this experience they become aware of their nervous and circulatory systems. We see the various phases of the moon as they approach Eerie City which is glowing off in the distance.

Eerie City – They arrive and walk through the city, amazed by its equally beautiful and terrifying aspects. We hear their descriptions and observations of the city while hearing music in the distance and come to an unmarked door. They enter through the doors into an under the sea style dance party that includes every type of race and or species possible. Unexpectedly it turns into a terrorist attack from the Trigger Fingers who are wolves with flamethrowers that have taken over the city. They escape outside and Elder finds an open manhole cover and they both head into the city’s underground pipes.

Notion To A Knife Fight – They journey through the underground waterways of the city. They find a strungout dead body killed by a knife wound. Fears of pollution, excess, and overpopulation. We see the city’s ugly underbelly that manifests as a mutant octopus. They see an opening in the distance and escape through the water pipes and emerge near an unknown desert. They hear a storm approach.

Brother Reign – Now walking away on feet, they start to battle cataclysmic weather. Rain, wind, thunder, lightning. While being consumed by the weather Willow starts to curse at the gods for what she believes is unjust events and this summons Brother Reign. It becomes obvious they can not win the battle. Elder has lost most of his hair and is drinking from a goblet filled with acid rain. They seek shelter in a cave glowing blue in the distance.

The Elephant In The Room – Elder and Willow then find hiding in a cave filled with glowing mushrooms and a two trunked elephant who allows them to rest for the first time. They are now both naked and exposed with no leaves and start to meditate and find a way to communicate subconsciously. While they are transcending and all three are now floating, the elephant uses each of its trunks to attach to each of the tree’s bodies and begins to consume them. Elder and Willow then combine and turn into a futuristic cellular structure in the shape of a new seed.

Visionary Canary – We now see a tropical forest setting with a yellow canary man walking in the trees. He begins to sing and all the plants begin to hear its voice. He stops and begins eating from the fruits of an unknown tree. This tree bears the fruit of the seeds from Elder and Willow and the fruits each have a singular eye. Eating the fruit gives the canary super powers of enhanced flight, and enhanced visions. He takes off as Visionary Canary into the sky. Flying into the clouds.

Flight of The Carpentarius – The Visionary Canary now flies above the world that Elder and Willow experienced, which is now in ruins. Flying above the forest, the mountains, the caves, the desert, the city, the road, the home of Elder and Willow. He lands on the ground by a massive lake and he begins to see other tree people walking towards him, they number in the thousands.

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