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Note – “Theory Of Everything” is an upcoming digital compilation from IHRTN. You can preview it here.
Their  contribution: New Song 

Founded Nov ‘09 in Downtown LA by “lead” bassist, Caleb Stone, Professor Calculus has successfully fucked with everyone’s preconceived notions of live music. Utilizing an unconventional lineup featuring 2 bassists, Profcalc has taken their instrumental-delay ridden-metal influenced-tapping rock, to the streets. Literally. Since the band’s inception, these guys have rocked countless generator powered gigs in a series of increasingly bizarre locations. Relying solely upon word of mouth and the help of the LA bike scene, Profcalc has been able to make noise for huge crowds in various parking lots, back alleys, rooftops, and kitchens all over the greater Los Angeles.

Booty Wrap (Self Released, 2009)
Chare (Self Released, 2010)
Josh Song Live at Death Star (Single) (Self Released, 2011)
Comeback (Self Released, 2011)
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