Theory Of Everything – Bios – Pink City
Theory Of Everything – Bios – Pink City

Theory Of Everything – Bios – Pink City

 Note – “Theory Of Everything” is an upcoming digital compilation from IHRTN. You can preview it here.
Their contribution: Wrung 
Pink City is a two piece with members from different sides of the world who never met each other in person.
Their debut album “Designing Women” came out in August of 2011. As LineOut pointed out in their review of the album:

Designing Women sits somewhere at the intersection of shoegaze, industrial, and AmRep-style noise, with the vocals occasionally brushing up against black metal’s class of ’92, and the guitars sometimes channeling The Fall‘s early work. It’s not pleasant, it’s not supposed to be. Sometimes you’d rather stick a nail file in your ear than listen to another goddamn beard-folk band. Pink City can replicate that experience for you, minus expensive emergency room bill.

Pitcher / The Operator (Self-Released, 2011)
Wrung / I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (Self Released, 2011)
Designing Women (Self Released)
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Pink City on IHRTN: Interview | Collective Review of “Designing Women”

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