Theory Of Everything – Bios – Calisota
Theory Of Everything – Bios – Calisota

Theory Of Everything – Bios – Calisota

Note – “Theory Of Everything” is an upcoming digital compilation from IHRTN. You can preview it here
His contribution: Pine Grove
Calisota is a solo project of Olle Bilius, member of the Swedish band Jenniferever.

Jeniferever is one of my favourite bands and Olle Bilius is one of Jeniferever. Part of my love for the band stems from its beautiful guitars and Olle is one of Jeniferever’s many (well, three) beautiful guitarists. He also plays bass, keyboard and now he’s branched out to make a solo EP. At least Calisota is solo in the sense of being Olle’s baby, not Kristofer Jönson’s. Certainly Olle is helped out. I hear some female vocals on the EP’s opening track ‘Opalbell’. But in terms of songwriting, lyrics, mixing and production, this is all Olle, reinforcing my long held theory that the very best bands have more than one genius.
So what is it like? I must say it is rather as we might have expected – a bit like Jeniferever, aspects of Jeniferever, but also different. The EP’s second track ‘Pine Grove’ is probably the closest in vibe and sound to his parent band. It is possibly also my own favourite. The other two are arguably edgier and darker than standard Jeniferever fare. Something slightly sinister going on in here. Slightly….twisted.
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Calisota’s debut EP is available for free download via the project’s Bandcamp page.
Visit Calisota: FacebookSoundcloud


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