The Antidote Podcast – Episodes 1 Through 4
The Antidote Podcast – Episodes 1 Through 4

The Antidote Podcast – Episodes 1 Through 4

As mentioned in our previous post, Evol Kween is a co-host of The Antidote (the other host being Ducks Battle Satan) podcast described as

Two music nerds, on opposite sides of Australia, talking about noise and other experimental music.

We’re going to dive into the first 10 episodes to give you a taste of what those two crazy Aussies got in store:

Vatican Shadow - Ornamented WallsEpisode 1

The inaugural episode of the Australian noise and experimental music podcast.
This time around your hosts talk about new records from Dominick Fernow’s graveyard techno outfit Vatican Shadow, dreamy sludgemeisters Nadja and Pete Swanson’s abstract guitar collaboration Sarin Smoke.

Pelt - EffigyEpisode 2
Second podcast music from around the world that no one else wants to listen to.
This episode Dave and Ingmar chat about Pete Swanson’s ‘Pro-Styles’ (Dave loves it, Ingmar’s not so sure), Mike Shiflet’s absolutely stunning ‘The Choir, The Army’ and the challenging but delightful new record from Pelt called ‘Effigy”.

Treasure Hunt - Toys UnaticEpisode 3
Reviews and general chit chat about
The new Kevin Drumm record
A whimsical cassette by a Texan going by the name of Treasure Hunt
A collection of ambient collages based on old Jungle mixes by Lee Gamble

Raime - Quarter Turns Over a Living LineEpisode 4
It’s the Xmas special! We talk about the Holly Herndon record that Boomkat has been in love with lately, but we weren’t convinced. We also take a listen to the stunning debut full-length from Raime called Quarter Turns over a Living Line, and the confusing collaboration between Daniel Lopatin and Tim Hecker.

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