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Ira Bobbins

Time to hear another opinion from an absolute legend that is Ira Bobbins. We already saw him taking on vaporwave and McCartney III, but this time he’s in the mood to talk one genre he absolutely despises – post rock.

Just made about my 10th attempt to appreciate 2 albums by name redacted, revered by post-rock fans as the start of the genre…and I’m still getting nada out of it. I’ll be strung up in the town square if I’ll reveal the name.

Post rock = quiet ambient bit, oh that’s nice…then loud, crashy bit. Then quiet bit. Then loud crashy bit.

I know Disco Inferno. It’s not bad.

Explosions in the Sky bore me.

I also think Godspeed You blah blah is pretentious nonsense.

Honestly, none of those are as good as Sigur Ros.

Hmm maybe I just don’t like post-rock!

There’s a revelation.


On a Different Note:


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