Stream – Sonic Youth – Out And In (NPR)
Stream – Sonic Youth – Out And In (NPR)

Stream – Sonic Youth – Out And In (NPR)

NPR just premiered a brand new Sonic Youth song, which you can check out here

“Out And In” is a track that the band contributed to Not the Spaces You Know, But Between Them a box set celebrating 10 years of activity of Three Lobed Recordings label. The track was originally recorded at the Echo Canyon in 2000 with Jim O’Rourke who was a member of the band at that time.
Other bands on the compilation include Sun City Girls, Steve Gunn, Bardo Pond, Mouthus, Charles Speer & The Helix / Wooden Wand, Eternal Tapestry and Comets On Fire.

As Three Lobed Recordings celebrates 10 years this summer, its hefty four-vinyl-LP box set — Not the Spaces You Know, But Between Them — provides a reminder of where noise and psychedelic music has been in the last decade and where it’s going. It’s in the “where noise and psychedelic music has been” that we premiere Sonic Youth‘s “Out and In,” a spontaneously composed 12-minute noise-rock jam from 2000 that feels like a summation of the band’s career. Recorded during soundtrack sessions for the Olivier Assayas film Demonlover, “Out and In” captures that crucial six-year period when Jim O’Rourke was the fifth member of Sonic Youth. O’Rourke was somewhat of a wild card: He was the melodic grounding (as you’ll hear in his quite musical bass playing in this song), but he could also tear Sonic Youth apart, bit by bit.

Read the rest of the article on NPR’s All Songs Considered.
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