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Another great podcast…err…noisecast from ZnO Blog / Mark Ashworth, who just might become a contributor to this fine website very soon.
This time he decided to rearrange his vinyl in a-z form and you can get the resulting noisecast here (as a stream) or download it.
A is for Alice Donut
B is for Bastro
C is for Cranes
D is for Don Caballero
E is for Einsturzende Neubauten
F is for Fugazi
G is for Gallon Drunk
H is for Hot Snakes
I is for Isis
J is for Jawbox
K is for Kong
L is for Loop
M is for Millionaire
N is for Nomeansno
O is for Oil Seed Rape
P is for Pavement
Q is for Queens Of Stone Age
R is for Rapeman
S is for Slint
T is for Terminal Cheesecake
U is for Unsane
V is for Velvet Monkeys
W is for Wedding Present
X is for X (the Australian band, that is)
Y is for Young Gods
Z is for Zu
Much like Vol.1, this comes highly recommended to anyone into noise/indie scene of the 90s.

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