Band Profile – Heavy Winged
Band Profile – Heavy Winged

Band Profile – Heavy Winged

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Brooklyn/Portland unit Heavy Winged music brought them comparisons with anyone from Lightning Bolt to Bardo Pond. Dense, heavy and often ethereal, their music may not be exactly suited as a backdrop for a candlelight dinner with a loved one, but its quiet impressive nonetheless.
Since their inception in 2004 the band produced numerous singles, splits, LPs, CDrs and a number of CDs, including 2007 “Blacc Lust” and 2009 “Waking, Shaking”. Some of the labels that released their music include Foxglove, Three Lobed Recordings, Cut Hands, Students Of Decay, Not Not Fun and Release The Bats.
All Music Guide commented on “Blacc Lust” – “Positioned somewhere between noise extremity in the 21st century and droning howl from any number of psych/overdrive forebears, it’s a good approximation of their often astonishing live performances, though those remain the best ways to encounter the band.”
Paris Transatlantic / Popcorn Youth writer Natasha Li Pickowicz pointed out that “Like many of their peers, improvisation is the spark and seed at the center of Heavy Winged’s tundra-drone discourse. But Heavy Winged doesn’t rely on the formal freedoms of improv, and happily forego noise clichés for a sense of willful expansion and controlled exploration. Fragments are built, and then dismembered; themes are inspected, and then abandoned. Psychedelia, Krautrock, No Wave skronk, instrumental post-rock, free jazz, and industrial noise ring around Heavy Winged like Stonehenge bedfellows, and Waking, Shaking at its highest crest summons a supreme elemental flow. It’s startling how organically the album unfolds.”
Currently (as of 2010), the band is still active, although they record only sporadically due to the fact that band members live in different cities. Drummer Jed Bindeman moved to Portland, OR in 2006, guitarist Ryan Herbert lives in Vermont and works as weed churner/goat herder, while bassist Brady Sansone lives in New York.
Band Members:
Brady Sansone
Jed Bindeman
Ryan Herbert
A Serpent’s Lust CDr (Foxglove, 2006)
Echoes Of Silence CDr (Deep Water Acres, 2006)
Hunting The Moon CDr (Ruralfaune, 2006)
Heavy Winged / Taiga Remains Split LP / CDr (Music Your Mind Will Love You, 2006)
Taking The Veil CDr (Students Of Decay, 2006)
A World Of Face CDr (No Label, 2007)
Blacc Lust CD (Three Lobed, 2007)
Enough Rope CDr (Cut Hands, 2007)
Feel Inside CD (aRCHIVE, 2007)
On The Marble Cliffs CDr (Trensmat, 2007)
Heavy Winged / Blues Control Split 7″ (Not Not Fun, 2007)
Heavy Winged / Ashtray Navigations / Cold Solemn Rites In The Sun Split CDr (Ruralfaune, 2007)
The Very Eye Of The Night CDr (Whistle Along, 2007)
We Grow LP (Not Not Fun, 2007)
A Blanket Of Ash CDr (Self-Released, 2008)
Alive In My Mouth CD + LP (Three Lobed, 2008)
Monolith: Earth (with Windy & Carl) LP + CD (Music Fellowship, 2008)
Ring Mining (with Inca Ore) LP (Not Not Fun, 2009)
Spreading Center CD (Release The Bats, 2009)
The Thinner The Air Cass (Blackest Rainbow, 2009)
Waking, Shaking LP (Aurora Borealis, 2009)
Compilation Tracks:
“Un Regard Primitif” on Frannce (Ruralfaune + La Belle Dame Sans Merci, 2007)
“Last Forever” on Every Noise Has A Note (Trensmat, 2009)
“Walk On The Bottom” on Wailing Bones Volume Five (Foxglove, unknown year)

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