Band Profile – Los Natas
Band Profile – Los Natas

Band Profile – Los Natas

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Influenced equally by the likes of Sabbath and Hawkwind, Los Natas are an Argentian rock band which started out by playing stoner rock in the vein of Kyuss, but eventually started to  incorporate experimental/space rock elements into their music. Since the late 90s, the band produced a steady stream of albums and singles on labels like Man’s Ruin (US), Ectro Records (Finland) and Oui Oui (Argentina). They also shared a stage with the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Nebula and Unida.
The band’s debut was 1998 “Delmar” LP, which was originally recorded in 1996 and released two years later via Man’s Ruin Records. All Music Guide pointed out that “Though they would eventually evolve into one of the world’s most distinctive stoner rock/doom metal bands, on their 1998 debut, Delmar, Los Natas come across as little more than second-rate Kyuss clones.”
Further on, they also pointed out that “Delmar is best left forgotten except by stoner rock masochists and devout latter-day fans curious to find out where it all began”.
The band’s next full-length – 1999 “Ciudad De Brahman” – was a huge improvement over their debut, according to AMG. All Music Guide described it as a record that “recalls the days of Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Yes and Genesis”. Further on, they pointed out that “While Natas can be as melodic as Floyd and Genesis, their sound tends to be heavier and more aggressive, owing a creative debt to hard rock and early heavy metal. They might love melody and harmony, but that doesn’t prevent the rockers from providing some forceful power chords along the lines of Black Sabbath or Blue Cheer.”
In the end, AMG concluded that “Ciudad De Brahman” “takes several listens to be fully absorbed, but for those who don’t insist on simplicity in their rock” the album “is highly rewarding.”
Further on into the next decade / new millennium, the band released numerous albums including 2002 “Corsario Negro”, 2006 “El Hombre Montana” and the band’s latest (as of 2010) – “Nuevo Orden De La Libertad” LP.
The music on “Nuevo Orden” was described by AMG as being “heavy and psychedelic, with occasional bursts of punky speed and side trips into trancelike rhythms, desert guitar tones, and spacy keyboards.” AMG review mentioned such tracks from the album as “El Pastizal” which “features an almost flamenco-like intro that leads into a thundering, almost Melvins-esque stomp.” and an instrumental entitled “Two Horses”, which, according to AMG, “mixes spaghetti Western guitar plucking with reverbed piano to hypnotic, hallucinatory effect.”
Current Line-Up:
Gonzalo Villagra
Sergio Chotosurian
Walter Broide
Former Members:
Miguel Fernandez
Delmar CD / LP (Man’s Ruin, 1998 / Elektrohasch Schallplatten, 2009)
Ciudad De Brahman CD / LP (Man’s Ruin, 1999/ Elektrohasch Schallplatten, 2008)
Los Natas / Dragonauta Split CD (Icarus, 1999)
El Gubernador 10″ (Cargo, 2001)
Corsario Negro CD (Small Stone, 2002)
Toba-Trance CD  (Ektro, 2002)
Bee Jesus 2XCD (Oui Oui, 2003)
Toba-Trance || CD (Ektro, 2004)
Toba Trance (Volume | & ||) 2XCD / 2xLP (Nasoni, 2004 / Oui Oui, 2004)
Munchen Sessions CD / 2xLP (Oui Oui, 2005 / Elektrohasch Schallplatten, 2006)
El Hombre Montana CD / LP (Nasoni, 2006 / Oui Oui + Small Stone, 2006)
El Universo Perdido De Los Natas 2XCD (Oui Oui + MeteorCity, 2007)
Los Natas / Cabron Split 10″ (RocknRollRadio, 2007)
Los Natas / Solodolor Split 10″ (Buzzville, 2008)
Nuevo Orden De La Libertad LP (Nasoni, 2009)
Compilation Tracks:
“1980 Trilogia” on Welcome to MeteorCity (MeteorCity, 1998)
“Alohawaii” on Inhale 420: The Stoner Rock Compilation (Spitfire, 2000)
“Remember (Walking In The Sand)” on Right In The Nuts – A Tribute to Aerosmith (Small Stone, 2000)
“El Cono Del Elcono” on Rebirth Of The Heavy (The Music Cartel, 2002)
“Brainstorm” on Sucking The 70s (Small Stone, 2002)
“Meteoro 2028” on Ten Years Anniversary Sampler – A Kaleidoscope Of Sounds (Nasoni, 2006)
“Born To Be Wild” on Sucking The 70s – Back In The Saddle Again (Small Stone, 2007)


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