Songs I Like To Sing Preview – Pt. 2
Songs I Like To Sing Preview – Pt. 2

Songs I Like To Sing Preview – Pt. 2

Another volume of digital covers-only comp. from IHRTN is almost here!
In the meantime, here’s another preview of the compilation – grab it on Bandcamp page or check out track-by-track breakdown below:
1. (-_-)  – Squarehead plays Adebisi Shank
2. Wishlist – Ben Houge plays Pearl Jam
3.  True Love Will Find You In The End – Harvey Girls play Daniel Johnston
4. Pigeon-Holed – Marax plays Bastard Noise
5. I’m Only Sleeping – Aeon Solaris plays The Beatles
6. Sexy No No No – Guanoman plays Girls Aloud
7. Spanish Bombs – Harvey Girls play Clash
8. Sorry Somehow – Pray TV plays Husker Du
9. Summer Breeze – Ted Bundy’s VW plays Seals & Crofts
10. You Don’t Know –  She Ripped plays 13th Floor Elevators
11. Help Help Help Help – Blast And The Detergents play The Beatles
12. Steelworker – Mother plays Big Black
13. Dead Billy – Blue Elm plays Big Black
14. Sylvie’s Head – Top Surprise play My Bloody Valentine
15. The Captain Of Her Heart – Forgotten Specials play Double
16. Dragonaut – Trippy Wicked plays Sleep
17. Tears Of A Clown – Shepherds play Smokie Robinson
18. Modern Love – Bambara plays Bowie
19. I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry – Pink City plays Hank Williams
20. I’ll Never Forget You – 20 Minute Loop play Husker Du

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