Archival Mixtape #4 – Cows
Archival Mixtape #4 – Cows

Archival Mixtape #4 – Cows



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Longtime denizens of the Minneapolis rock scene, the Cows are one of America’s great degenerate punk rock bands. Starting off as near-total incompetents, they have become more technically polished musicians during the ’90s, but their white-hot noise rock has not been tamed one bit. In many ways, the Cows remain as gloriously messy, primitive, and exciting as they were the day they started.



Fan Videos

Four Things – from Whorn

Memorial – from Effete And Impudent Snobs

Organized Meat – from Whorn

Part My Konk – from Daddy Has A Tail



Allergic To Myself + Four Things + Plowed – Live at CBGB’s, 1995

Cow Island + Shitbeard – Live at CBGB’s, 1995

Hitting The Wall + Pickled Garbage Soup  – Live at CBGB’s, 1995


Official Videos

Allergic To Myself

Cartoon Corral

Hitting The Wall


Sugar Torch


Covers – Other People Play Cows

Pink City – Shitbeard


More info on the band: Discogs | | Wiki


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