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Our latest broadcast/livestream is here! Think of IHN Fest an old (aka good) MTV – an extra thick soup of music videos/animation/record promos and assorted randomness.

Don’t forget to check our archives for even more awesome visuals. We also encourage you to buy records by artists that contributed to livestreams/broadcasts so far.


Skyjelly – Live at All Asia
Ideas Are Birds – Live
Hattie Cooke – Youth
Dean McPhee – Solar Crown
Basic Bitches – How Come None Of You Ever Want To Hang Anymore
Burial Grid – Baiting the Undertow
Death Hags – Synthetic Nature
Firestations – The Circular
Mdou Moctar – Taliat
The Leaf Library – Rings Of Saturn
Mary Lattimore – Hello From the Edge of the Earth
Old Man Mike – Blazing Hot Probe
65daysofstatic – Radio Protector
Pickle Darling – Achieve Lift
Neurogami – Fallout Culture
greyscape – конец_
Hunter Complex-Fragile Flyers
Loops & Loops – Iki
Patricia Brennan – Solar (A Free Improvisation On Vibraphone In Studio)
Cary Grace- Vanishing
Acef Stripe – Shifting Walls
bonnacons of doom – argenta



Moth Effect – Hovering (Cue Dot Records)

Front-End Synthetics

Simon James (Castles in Space)

Iggy and the Parrot

Playstation Commercial by Chris Cunningham

Unnanounced Music Videos

Jude Cowan Montague – Twilight Streets (Wormhole World)

Neuro No Neuro – so much jewelry to choose from... み浦ゐゃリズ

Gnoomes – Glasgow Coma State (Rocket Recordings)

Aphex Twin – Donkey Rhubarb (Warp)

Common Grackle – Happy Camper (Fake Four)

Thank You for Watching

Ben (Solilians / Goodbye Better) | Neuro No Neuro | David Svrcjek | Peter Bogolub | ruadrihTVO | guimac09 | モクスワ

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