Skin Graft Records – Compilations and Splits
Skin Graft Records – Compilations and Splits

Skin Graft Records – Compilations and Splits

In addition to regular albums, throughout years SG also released plenty of splits and compilations, all of which are reviewed below.
One of the most curious items produced by the label is an ongoing series of vinyl-only tributes to AC/DC, with four artists (with the exception of Palace Contribution / Zeni Geva split) performing either an AC/DC cover or a track inspired by the band. First volume (sides 1-4) came out in 1995 and included tracks by Shellac, Big’n, Brise-Glace and U.S. Maple.  The latest volume in the series (sides 11-14) came out in 2008 and contained new and unreleased tracks by Yowie, Colossamite, Pre and Mule.
1997 compilation “Camp Skin Graft” included more than 30 tracks by the likes of U.S. Maple, Space Streakings, Zeni Geva, Shorty, Cheer-Accident, You Fantastic!, Ufo Or Die and many others. It was originally released in South Africa as three separate compilations.
1998 cassette-only “Engine Engine Number 9 (Rhinestone Records Compilation)” was produced by Miss Pussycat and included some of her favorite acts. Most of the bands that were featured this compilation never appeared anywhere else (with the exception of M.C. Trachiotomy) and the only known fact about them was that they were all from New Orleans (which also happened to be a home base of Miss Pussycat).
2005 “Blueghost Party Flavour” was a CD-r compilation available only through mailorder. Much like “Camp Skin Graft”, it also included numerous tracks by Skin Graft artists (21, to be exact). Some of the artists featured on compilation included Quintron, Arab On Radar, Strangulated Beatoffs, Gorge Trio and Made In Mexico.
Finally, label also produced a split between two celebrated artists – High On Fire (US) and Ruins (Japan). High On Fire is a band which includes Matt Pike from Sleep and at one point it also included Joe Preston (Earth, Harvey Milk, Thrones, Witchypoo) as a member. Ruins was a prolific Japanese band, mainly run by Tatsuya Yoshida who, however, recently turned it into a solo project.
MP3: Yowie – Trina (from “Blueghost Party Flavour” compilation)


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