A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Point Line Plane
A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Point Line Plane

A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Point Line Plane


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Portland, Oregon based PLP is a self-described “synth drums/duo” (which eventually turned into a trio) responsible for “creating noise music with pop hooks and touring the US relentlessly” (according to Skin Graft bio). They played more than hundred shows in in two years and their music often brings comparisons with that of Shellac, Liars, Ex Models and Lightning Bolt.
r-731106-1162244165Shortly after their formation in 2003, PLP (at that time,  a duo of Joshua Blanchard (Sensualist, Mome Raths, Kremlin Bronx) and Nathan Carson (Witch Mountain)) started out producing music on a regular schedule – in 2003 alone, they released untitled debut on Xeroid Records / Sincere Brutality, “Curse Chorus Curse /Sh..boom” 7″ single on S-S Records, contributed a cover of “Give The Future A Break” to a tribute to a punk band Screamers called “The Neccesary Effects – Screamers Songs Interpreted” and did a split with The Planet.
Skyscraper magazine pointed out that their debut “is an original work that defies the amount of sound a couple of guys can produce, as it binds searing synths and brain jarring beats with the glue of manic energy.” SF Bay Guardian compared their sound on the album to “Trans AM hooked on Sisters Mercy or Red Lorry Yellow Lorry”. Yet others compared them to Public Image Limited circa Metal Box and Suicide.
r-554115-1130780369Late 2003 brought the addition of Howard Gillam (Supersprite) and as a trio the band record their sophomore album (and Skin Graft debut) “Smoke Signals” in 2004. PopMatters website gave the album 4 stars out 10 and proclaimed it to be “all smoke and no fire”. Ink19 website was less harsh and pointed out that “he group has found an enjoyable middle ground between the chaos and control with Smoke Signals“.
Band Members:
Howard Gillam
Joshua Blanchard
Nathan Carson
Curse Chorus Curse / Sh…boom 7″ (S-S, 2003)
Point Line Plane CD (Xeroid + Sincere Brutality, 2003)
Smoke Signals CD (Skin Graft, 2004)
MP3: D.R.U.G. / Haunters Theme / Velvet Hole In The Head
Video Death Dance 2000

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