A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Denison-Kimball Trio
A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Denison-Kimball Trio

A-Z of Skin Graft Records – Denison-Kimball Trio


Soul Machine by Denison-Kimball Trio

Associated Entries: Jesus Lizard
Denison-Kimball Trio was actually a duo of Duane Denison (Cargo Cult, Firewater, Jesus Lizard) and James Kimball (Mule, Laughing Hyenas, Jesus Lizard), which was active throughout the 90s and recorded a number of albums and singles for such labels as Skin Graft, Sub Pop and Quarterstick Records.
Though their collective past suggests that DK3 (as they often shortened their name) might be a noise/punk/alternative band, in reality specialized in jazz instrumentals. In 1997, they produced “Neutrons” a collaboration with Ken Vandermark (Boxhead Ensemble, Fire Room, Flying Luttenbachers) and thus DK3  turned into an actual trio for a moment.
dennk_bslv1Their debut was a soundtrack to Jim Sikora movie “Walls In The City” (which featured Jesus Lizard frontman David Yow, alongside Tony Fitzpatrick and Bill Cusack). The movie itself was described as “a triptych on urban alienation.” and Jim Sikora also went to make music videos (Tar’s “Les Paul Worries”) and other movies (“Bullet On A Wire” also featured David Yow, as well as filmmaker Richard Kern and movie script was written by ex-Black Flag member Joe Carducci).
17782lTheir second full-length was 1995 “Soul Machine”, which was described by Option magazine as “..a set of loose instrumentals boasting a perky pace…a nice clever album that isn’t likely to bore anybody and doesn’t fall into the laughable rockers-play-jazz trap…”. NME magazine gave it 7 points out of 10 and described it as “…unashamedly jazz…slightly infiltrated by traces of techno and dub.” and “music for airports–where all the planes crash.” The album featured numerous guests – Reg Schrader on bass, David Wm. Sims on keyboards and Ken Vandermark on saxophone.
19348l1Vandermark would join the band again for 1997 “Neutrons” album. All Music Guide described the record as “unique hybrid that stands as one of the most successful attempts at bringing rock and jazz together.”The following year DK3 contributed “Back In Blanc” to an ongoing Skin Graft series, which paid tribute to AC/DC (the album also included tracks by Mount Shasta, Zeek Scheck and Killdozer).
Following their break-up in 1999, Duane Denison toured as a guitarist for Hank Williams ||| and he also joined Tomahawk, where he played along with John Stanier (Helmet), Kevin Rutmanis (Cows, Melvins) and Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle). He’s also going to be a part of 2009 Jesus Lizard reunion tour, which will bring together the band’s original line-up of Yow/Denison/Sims/McNeilly.
Band Members:
Duane Denison (Cargo Cult, Denison Kimball Trio, Firewater, Pigface, Tomahawk, USSA)
Jim Kimball (Denison Kimball Trio, Firewater, Laughing Hyenas, Mule, Spinanes)
Walls In The City LP / CD (Skin Graft, 1994)
Landshark / Whirlpool 7″ (Sub Pop, 1994)
Soul Machine LP / CD (Skin Graft, 1995)
Neutrons LP / CD (Quarterstick, 1997)
Sides 7-10 (with Mount Shasta, Zeek Schek and Killdozer) 2×7″ (Skin Graft, 1998)
Compilation Tracks:
Framed” on Camp Skin Graft: Now Wave (!) Compilation (Skin Graft, 1997)
The Traveling Salesman” on Nineteen Ninety Seven Sampler (Touch And Go, 1997)
MP3: Travelling Salesman

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