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Tiger Village Amblyopiac

Words: Kirk Markarian / Neuro No Neuro

‘Dedicated to all the kids in surgery’, Tiger Village’s 2020 release of their 10th album “Amblyopiac“ is beautifully erratic. Sounds spring out at the listener from nearly every direction, while enjoyable, beautiful micro-melodies provide a subtle focus to pull one’s attention from the percussive abstractions.

Tiger Village is a moniker for one of Tim Thorton’s audio projects, released under their own label – ‘Suite 309’ – in Cleveland, Ohio (https:// suite309.bandcamp.com). Mastered by Angel Marcloid (https://www.angelmarcloidav.com), Amblyopiac is stunning in both it’s perfect length and engaging audio. The cover art, by Raymond C. Scott III (instagram @spellelephant) adds to the charm and meshes with the music.

Starting off with the track “Strabismus”, a brief few melodic tones fill an expanse which is both rapidly engaged then disengaged – to be quickly met with a fusillade of percussion – sounds both familiar, yet unique in their tonality and arrangement. It is because of this tonal familiarity that listening to the track is delightful. We’re provided with many sounds that can be heard in varying types of music around the world, yet their presentation and the manner in which they are affected causes one’s attention to be quickly shifted to many perspectives within the same track.

Nearing the halfway-point of the album, the mood takes a turn towards a mysterious and reflective resonance. The melodies, no longer positive, seem to have delved deep into the mind of the composer.

While the barrage of beating drums, clicks, clacks, and various other pops and crackles continue to astound, the overall tone becomes introspective and eerie, while retaining the beauty of creation. This is particularly evident in the track “Amblyopiac (Right)”, which begins with an outright ‘spooky’, yet provides a hopeful ending!

The album ends with the track “N-O No”that is both filled with joy, positivity, and a sense of complete madness; a sugar-rush to the ears and chest, as if being released from the hospital post-surgery, heading home to video games and sweet treats. A perfect way to end this album and leaves the listener wanting for more.


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