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Fresh batch of mini music reviews courtesy of our followers! See Vol.1 here and Vol. 2 here.


Darren J. Holloway – Salt Heart (TQN-aut)

via Frogkingart

this feels like being rolled over by an ocean wave made of concrete and steel. Drowning without hope. Droning scraping twisting and ultimately super atmospheric.

Sea Glass – Shifts (Where It’s At Is Where You Are)

via Gadget Green

Sea Glass sounds a little like Woodbine with beautiful female vox and delicate sparse harmonies and nuanced guitar work. Their song Splicing Shadows sounds to me like watching icicles melt and drip on a bright spring morning by a brook. Theme is psychological reflecting day after.

zeroh – BLQLYTE (Leaving Records)

via Gadget Green

zeroh is a challenging listen. Acrobatic licks and bleak instrumentation. Defo political.

Matmos – The Consuming Flame: Open Exercises in Group Form (Thrill Jockey)

an instant, no-brainer, take-my-friggin-money purchase for me

Full review via Jamie Orlando

Dark Sunny Land – Reflections (Self Released)

reminded me of Steve Hillage’s excellent solo debut album, “Fish Rising” but, without the water.

Full review via Soulscorch

Coupler – The Rhythm Method (YK Records)

The Rhythm Method mixes new wave Moogishness with the flair of modern percussion. Though it is short and sweet, Coupler decorates its uptempo rhythms with enough syncopations and riffs to provide a flowing respite into bouncy, non-cyclical layers.

via Evan

Alec Bathgate – Phantom Dots (Thokei Tapes)

Kiwi Alec Bathgate (Enemy/Toy Love/Tall Dwarfs) drops his first solo album in 16 years, the instrumental Phantom Dots. It’s 16 slices of smile inducing buzzy pop, wistful snippets and psychedelic jams. See also its companion piece 73 Smash.

via Simon Vita

boycalledcrow – Mystic Scally (Wormhole World)

Rolls of drums, concupiscent foleys and warping noise. An ugly cache siphoned from a broken computer. Buzzing and zipping chaos. This is a plunderphonic record in a loose form. In the silence breaths heaves of beauty, a wondrous crescendo of dynamics.

via Eris Tava

This Ship Argo – Sirens / Home (Self Released)

Plug your headphones in and drift off somewhere else…gorgeous.

via James Dillon / Freeyourradio

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