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My Secret Boyfriend - Memorize Them Well

It’s funny that the first time i have heard of Secret Boyfriend was through him talking about My Bloody Valentine. They both demonstrate what Shoegaze sounds made for: using pretty, hypnotic sounds to further bury some raw feelings underneath. Loveless was all about romantic, heartbroken feelings that sound like if Kevin were to sing it out loud, he would shut down with ease. Secret Boyfriend does this aesthetic well, either by singing underneath the music or by simply not singing at all, which is the case with “Memorize Then Well”. Where “Beyond The Darkness” uses a pretty melody to possibly bury some awkward feelings delivered in equally shy measure, “Memorize” leaves you to just swim amongst the blue sound of synths and noises for eight minutes, almost as if instead of trying to muster up the ability to really expose yourself, this track just leave you buried within the mystery of it all.

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