Review – Pulco – Solid Geometry EP
Review – Pulco – Solid Geometry EP

Review – Pulco – Solid Geometry EP

Most of you know exactly what this word means, but what people don’t tell you is that this is exactly what helps fuel the best or the most head-turning in the indie scene: the ability to work with what you have and wind up coming out with something amazing in spite of what you don’t have compared to someone bigger than you. Innovation, rather. Who better to demonstrate this than Wales’ own Pulco?
For Solid Geometry EP, Pulco says that he “wanted to base the songs around Ian McEwan’s Book of short stories ‘First love last rites'” because of his love of the book and the intense themes that were contained within it. As far as the music is concerned, he was influenced by The Normal’s “Warm Letherette” as well as experimental electronic artists such as Cabaret Voltaire. Together, the music works well scoring surreal moments of whichever story he decides to talk about.
He describes his music as Fuzz Folk on bandcamp, but “Disguises” goes way beyond what people think Folk is. It’s a handmade spoken word adventure posed as a glam rock concept album in ways. It’s a modern extension of what people back in the day used to do, and despite the electronic production, it works very well as an experimental folk album.


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