Guest Mix – Haasan Barclay
Guest Mix – Haasan Barclay

Guest Mix – Haasan Barclay

For those who have truly kept their finger on the pulse of Boston music (specifically, that of an urban variety), the name Haasan Barclay would be a very familiar name. That’s because Haasan produces beats for some of your favorite young local rappers from Original Kadeem to Michael Christmas to OG Swaggerdick. (waits for reader to stop laughing) With Heaven is Your Last Dream, Haasan gives you in one album an idea of what Haasan Barclay is all about, which includes using the mixboards to create his own adventure. Needless to say, some of those who have heard his music or his beats before would never see such a thing coming. I know I didn’t.

So, Haasan Barclay, Boston’s resident artist, just dropped what he calls his DIY Multimedia project named Heaven is Your Last Dream, which is already getting rave reviews. To celebrate the release, we asked Haasan Barclay to list his mix of songs. “The first half is music that has been influencing me to this day. The second half minus Kendrick is people that I work with and have love for,” explains Haasan.
Rihanna – Same Old Mistakes
Hiatus Kaiyote – Breathing Underwater
UNKLE – Bloodstain
Toro Y Moi – How’s It Wrong
Inspektah – Time Waster
Kendrick Lamar – untitled 06 | 06.30.2014
Black EL – White ’95 Maxima
MAKA – Like Like
Original Kadeem (feat Samo D) – Worth It


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