Review // People Pleasing – And In Case I Don’t See You
Review // People Pleasing – And In Case I Don’t See You

Review // People Pleasing – And In Case I Don’t See You

And in Case I Don’t See You is the new EP from the London-based, People Pleasing. The EP was written and recorded in 2021 during their time at university. According to the creator, Max, it was a miserable time full of substance abuse with making music as the only safe space. The EP was just released in April 2023, and I am glad that it was finally set out into the world. It’s an exquisite listen.

The EP is ambient with experimental edges. It incorporates hip hop, alternative rock, electronica, and indie rock into elaborate soundscapes. Some of the influences are Radiohead’s Kid A, FKA Twig’s Magdalene, as well as the score to the Studio Ghibli Film, Porco Rosso. It doesn’t sound like it was influenced too much by any one thing, it stands alone as its own work.

And in Case I Don’t See You consists of 6 tracks clocking in at 26 minutes. My favorite was the 4th track, Song for Mice (Pts 1 +2) it uses a similar formula to the first 2 songs but in this track, the formula really comes together to reach its full potential. It starts with dripping water sounds that kind of echo, like water dripping from stalactites in a cave into pools beneath. Suspense began to build with occasional bat-like sounds. The song evoked a feeling of wonder and awe that built up until there were waves of static that washed over the listener. It was great that there were 3 parts of the Song for Mice.

The EP is full of texture with layered samples and melodies along with singing, talking, and instruments such as guitar and piano. There were noises that sounded like a spaceship taking off, water moving, vibrations, and a loud crash that, heartbreakingly, sounded like dreams shattering. There were occasionally earnest lyrics such as “in the cleansing rain it washed away my shame” or “just hold me close because I don’t want to disappear.” I loved that the transition between track 1 and 2 included a sample of a baby crying that tied them together nicely in a subtle touch, drawing the listener in to the experience. I recommend this EP to anyone who has a half hour where they want to relax and hear something interesting and new.


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