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Major Entertainer MIKE

Words: David Breather

Major Entertainer is a self-described Los Angeles based professional “OPENING ACT” and he is very likely into the “Horror” genre of film.

This album was produced by Mr. Bungle’s chief milliner, Trey Spruance. The Mr. Bungle feels are all over this record. So, if you’re a Bungle fan you will probably like this record. Even if you hate Mr. Bungle you may love this record because it does not contain Mike Patton. Some people just love to hate on that guy… no Patton here so if you hate on Mike Patton and hate on Mr. Bungle because of your overwhelming hate for Mike Patton but love Mr. Bungle stylistically… then this album is for you!

Here is my track by track review…

The albums starts off with a mature chicken laying an egg, the egg hatches a tiny chick pops out ready to rock with a little voice… which he proudly lauds for all the farm animals to hear! This chicken is not destined for the nugget bin, he will rise above!

Next track… What Happened to Heather? Well my sisters name is Heather, so it was quite uncomfortable to listen to this track seemingly from the perspective of some creep who obsessed over her at one time during her life. But it’s not about my sister, so a melancholy romp through infatuation persists with catchy melodies and an ominous score.
Now we find a groovy ditty, which I picture Danny from the Partridge Family playing bass and then the Partridge family is dosed with LSD…. And suddenly Paul Williams appears to complete the performance. Wait… could this be an outtake from the Paul Lynde Halloween Special?

Next: Is this a new Al Stewart song produced by a twenty-something Brian Wilson? But not the Brian Wilson we all know and love. A different version of Brian Wilson from an alternate dimensional reality.

Horror Whisper… more Horror.

I like lots of movies too. Movies are satisfying entertainment. John Carpenter infects the mind of an uncompromising puppet master and we now have this song.

Shocking Horror. A cautionary tale about the effects of Horror Addiction. I now know I should not have dropped acid and watched The Exorcist that one time back in 1998.

Horror is once again spelled out. H-O-R-R-O-R… spell it! Ahhh, finally a song about a much better addiction. Pills. Pills are fucking great. Much better than Horror in my opinion. But if Horror does it for you… then by all means… have at it. But I will stick to the pills.

Conclusion: Mike by Major Entertainer pairs well with Smoked Gouda and a Chateau Franc. Serve hot on the dashboard of a 1985 Chevy Citation.


The Players:

Leigh Newton
Trey Spruance
Jason Schimmel
Don Bolles
Mike Hickey

On a Different Note:


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