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Jeff Mills The Clairvoyant

Words: Neuro No Neuro

Today’s review is of the artist ‘Jeff Mills’ 2021 album ‘The Clairvoyant’ for Axis Records.

Extremely hypnotic! The tracks zoom by with seemingly no blatant change, until one listens to it with more of an ‘eyes-closed’ manner. Several parts flutter in and out of each of the tracks while the mix works hard to become part of the daily background sound.

So subtle are these changes that if each track were to play in succession without their proper fade-in/out methods, the entire album would just float by, in a relaxed, pulsing manner; the bass-drum maintaining the tempo.

If I could compare it to something I’m more familiar with, I’d say that the sound and methodology has many similarities to techniques used by Richie Hawtin as “Plastikman”; which, to my ears, makes ‘The
Clairvoyant’ essential listening. The semi-ambient, yet rhythmic bump; the harmonic tuning of samples. Sublime.

Overall, I enjoyed the demo tracks available to listen to. Very comfortable, easy to put on and get work done.


The Clairvoyant from AxisRecords on Vimeo.

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