Review // Golden Sores – A Peaceable Kingdom (Bloodlust!, 2009)
Review // Golden Sores – A Peaceable Kingdom (Bloodlust!, 2009)

Review // Golden Sores – A Peaceable Kingdom (Bloodlust!, 2009)

Golden Sores A Peacable Kingdom

GS is a Chicago-based “ecstatic drone” duo of Steve Fors and Chris Miller. “Peaceable Kingdom” is their second release (a follow-up to 2008 “Ashdod To Ekron”, which came out on Drone Cowboy label) and their first for BloodLust!.
“Kingdom” is all about an exploration of the sonic state which exists between the aforementioned ecstatic drone, trippy ambience and even noise (although latter makes appearance only on the second track, “The Awful Rowing Toward God”).
In general it reminds me much of Zoviet-France / Nocturnal Emission work circa 80s – plenty of smooth, flowing sonic textures, surreal loops and sounds that were most likely generated electronically but resemble a whole multitiude of things from bells to electric sparks dancing around the edges of listeners speakers.
The album closer (”A Vision”) is akin some of the untitled tracks on Richard D. James/Aphex Twin 1994 opus “Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2″ – it starts out with a minimal synth line and unfolds slowly throughout its 6 minutes of duration.
With all of the tracks on “Kingdom” being more than 5 minutes long, this CD could’ve easily overstayed its welcome, but its saved by a huge diversity between tracks and countless shapes, textures and variations that Golden Sores were able to come up with on this record.

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