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David Breather THIS

Words: R.W. Martin

‘Yeah, yeah, yeah I know I’m in a hip hop group with David Breather so obviously I’m biased toward his music but I’m still gonna run it down for you. This isn’t your normal review as I don’t believe myself nor David are normal. This is one artist writing things he saw when listening to another artist’s music.

scatterstatic bugs. gear shifter. demo major tom. metal tongue hollow head funeral procession. seems fuzzy at times.

triptic simplistic. mystified. tropic of digital. an ocean with a village view. neon worms of sensory fortitude.

Gary Numan. Jerry yelling Newman. picking up static. your braces shine. bone saw seasons greetings. anti-pop lovescape.

occasional fragrance. deaf tone twice removed cousin. the building. its colder here. frost bit phones for the plugged head.

the tasty off brand. a funky overdose. this is some solid holding together combustion. something grips.

that cold cool lost. maybe it is JUST me. that old time classic. smoothe unearthly anxiety calm. lullaby conspiracy.

YES! zombiedazical. bring your spells, stones, and bones. whale of a storm. we can knife fight in your alley or mine.

last call tin can drivers. spectacles for the stare. the going. the floating of leaving. the acceptance. there it goes. outtie.

So there you have it. Breather delivers another collage of audibles and I think its good, damn good. How’s that for a review.

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