Review: Binaural Space – Farewells
Review: Binaural Space – Farewells

Review: Binaural Space – Farewells

Binaural Space - Farewells

OK put it on, I type as I listen.

PaulStretch fakeroo, ha! It does start like any current ambient album then makes it clear that it is not.

Into symbiosis and gliding, like my dreams where I fly. I took my headphones off to get a Indian whisky top up, sounded good from the top of the fridge.


I apologize that I am now listening to it that way from headphone leakage, it speaks to the quality of the content, sorry, my ears are a bit burnt.

Back on then for Take a Nap, those are organs with intent! Throb!

There is an inherent kindness to what he does, we need more of that.

Damn, he always puts the best things last like he’s hiding. A 20m song story from Reaching an Agreement on, oops I detect another quiet nod to my own stuf, thanks and ha!

I think he fakes you into believing he lacks self confidence because the last 20m are stellar.

Should you listen?


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