Review: Arabrot – Who Do You Love
Review: Arabrot – Who Do You Love

Review: Arabrot – Who Do You Love

Arabrot - Who Do You Love
Just when you thought it was safe to leave the 70’s! Here comes Arabrot with their new album Who Do You Love. The Grammy winning Norwegian band that lives in an abandoned church are bringing you new formulas of fuzzed out aggressions with all the necessary questions attached. With an arrow pointing between Zeppelin and Sabbath, on their best days, Arabrot brings a new flavor to the classic sound.

Pygmalion might be my favorite track on this album, actually. There’s a somber quality that cuts through the force and aggression of the previous tracks. It comes around like a moment of reflection after a storm, when you still see more trouble on the horizon. What can I say? I’m partial to bummers.

Who Do You Love by Arabrot is a good driving album; preferably on a long stretch of road with 200 miles between your starting point and your destination. This is an album that requires time to digest. Time to consider where you are without dwelling too much on where you’ve been. That can be a trap of the mind that seems all too inviting.


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