Reading Room – February 2020
Reading Room – February 2020

Reading Room – February 2020

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Happy Birthday, Philip Glass

A sentimental, indulgent wallow in my personal history with the music of @philipglass, who celebrates his 83rd birthday today.

via The Night After Night Files / Steve Smith

In Honor of Rude Women

I aspire to be described as terrible and lovely

Rachel Charlene / Autostraddle via Peg Aloi

Musician Ballaké Sissoko Says His Custom-Made Instrument Was Broken by TSA Security

In Mali, the jihadists threaten to destroy musical instruments, cut the tongues out of singers, & silence Mali’s great musical heritage,” said Sissoko. “And yet, ironically, it is the USA customs that have in their own way managed to do this.

Monica Castillo / Hyperallergic via Celeste Headlee / Andrea Feldman

Who’s Afraid of the IRS? Not Facebook

The social media behemoth is about to face off with the IRS in a rare trial to capture billions that the tax agency thinks Facebook owes.

But budget cuts have hamstrung the agency’s ability to bring the case.

Paul Kiel / Propublica via Matt DeMello

Pone: the paralyzed producer making music with his eyes

Motor neurone disease has left the French hip-hop artist totally immobile – yet he still found the means to compose a remarkable album inspired by Kate Bush

Anais Bremond / The Guardian via Ipek Gorgun / Mira Calix

Truck driver pulled over for speeding was using his semi as a recording studio

Wonder if the driver was haulin’ oats?

A Washington State trooper was surprised to find a semi-truck he pulled over this week was being used by its driver as a recording studio — complete with party supplies.

Brian Niemietz / NY Daily News via Inzane Johnny

Telefon Tel Aviv: Sound design, sine waves, and why ‘wrong’ is often right

We sit down with Josh Eustis to dissect the sounds and techniques behind Dreams Are Not Enough

Sam Taylor / Native Instruments via Claude Young

We’re Losing Another Rap Generation Right Before Our Eyes

this shouldn’t be evergreen and yet here we are again

Craig Jenkins / Vulture via Dee Lockett / Tara Joshi

‘It Feels Like An Extra Limb’ – Musicians On The Bond With Their Instruments

I spoke to @EspeSpalding, @blkfootwhtfoot, @TheonCross, @orbitalband and Natalie Clein about the bond between musician and instrument.

Michael Hann via The Guardian

Bootleg Podcasts Are a New Frontier for Unlicensed Music on Spotify

for my first Pitch piece, I wrote about teen pop stans and TikTok freaks disseminating bootlegged music on Spotify via podcasts.

Andy Cush via Pitchfork

How a 90s Cult Rock Band Flourishes Despite Industry Odds

I interviewed @_GuidedByVoices (as well as their management, crew and inner circle) for this @FortuneMagazine deep dive into their surprisingly lean, savvy bottom line. Register for free and read/speed on. Many thanks to @RadTV!

Morgan Enos via Fortune

Why Iceland Seems To Punch Above Its Weight On The International Musical Scene

Gyda Valtysdóttir attributes Icelandic music to a lack of formal musical education: “When I started out in Múm at 16, I really was a beginner and it was just for the joy of playing; there wasn’t any thought that somehow you weren’t capable.” #iceland

Irish Examiner via Icelandic Music / remotevoices

How William S. Burroughs Influenced Rock and Roll, from the 1960s to Today

He wrote bleakly comic tales which were subject to obscenity trials in the States thanks to their dwelling on sodomy and drugs but which later saw him elected to the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Letters.

Open Culture via ONO1980-P Michael Ono

Can High Fidelity Survive the End of Taste?

The new High Fidelity is pretty likable, but this is a very smart breakdown of the ways it feels off in the moment.

Carl Wilson / Slate via Jeff Klingman

Music-Streaming Services Are Losing Their Brand Identity. Here’s The Visual Evidence

The Mazzy Star, Opal and Rain Parade songwriter, who has died aged 61, had a subtle but profound influence, paving the way for the hazy sound of Lana Del Rey

Cherie Hu / Water & Music via Ted Goia

David Roback: Hallucinatory Guitarist Still Sending Pop Into A Dream

David Roback: hallucinatory guitarist still sending pop into a dream

Alexis Petridis / The Guardian via Ken Sweeney

In Spite of Laptop Speakers

Also in the new issue of @LondonInStereo, I argue that sometimes it actually IS okay for journalists to listen to music on laptop speakers.

Katie Thomas via Eoin Murray

A Woman Accidentally Took 550 Times The Normal LSD Dose, Case Report Details

via Erowid Center / Arise

William Gibson On The Apocalypse: “It’s Been Happening For At Least 100 Years”

New interview with @GreatDismal in the New Statesman in which we learn that his initial recognition of what future shock felt like was the result of his first encounter with… glam rock.

Will Dunn / New Statesman via Chris Harris


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