Searching for the Perfect Pitch // A Disciples Label Mix
Searching for the Perfect Pitch // A Disciples Label Mix

Searching for the Perfect Pitch // A Disciples Label Mix

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I’m a disciple, I’ve become aware

And you should become aware too, since its not just any old disciple we’re talking about – we’re talking thee Disciple (or rather Disciples) of the legendary Warp Records. Yes, the same label that put Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Seefeel and countless others on the map.

Another thing to note about Disciples is that their focus is archival recordings by Warp affiliates and non-affiliates alike. Mix that they made for us features no tracklist, so instead we’re going to go over thee bios of artists currently signed to Disciples:


Black Lodge

aka Dan Dwayre aka Daniel 72 (see also – Gescom)

Underground designer in Milnrow nearby Manchester, UK.

And you can certainly dance to his music. In fact, this is one of Black Lodge’s particular strong points — every last sound in his music, is tightly wound and full of rhythm, an approach which transforms unlikely, sometimes mundane, sounds into dancefloor dynamite. You’ll dance to a telephone operator with Black Lodge and it won’t seem weird. – Ben Cardew

Releases on Disciples: Bitter Blood (A Collection of Archival Recordings) / Bitter Blood (A Collection of Archival Recordings)

Other Labels: The Trilogy Tapes / Mo Wax / Arcola


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Bogdan Raczynski

Raczynski arrived on the scene in 1999 with not one but three albums released in quick succession that year alone on Rephlex Records, a unique operator even by Braindance standards, rumoured to have been discovered by Aphex Twin whilst sleeping rough in Tokyo. A steady stream of records followed, hyperactive broadsides of percussion set off by a winning knack for the buried earworm melody, much like his mentor RDJ. He also memorably collaborated with Björk and remixed Autechre for Warp’s 10+3 compilation, but things have been quiet since the release of his last studio album Alright! arrived in 2007.

Releases on Disciples: Rave ‘Till You Cry / We Used to Corrupt Each Other with Art & Coffee

Other Labels: Rephlex


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His Name is Alive

Long running band/project of Michigan guitarist Warren Defever. HNIA’s discography stretches all the way back to the late 80s with releases on 4AD and Defever’s own label Time Stereo.

It all began in 1990. Ivo received a cassette in the mail from basement auteur Warren Defever of Livonia, Michigan. It bore the hand-scrawled label: “His Name Is Alive – I Had Sex With God”. Over the next few months, two more versions of the tape showed up, each loaded with strange variations on the material from previous efforts, which multi-instrumentalist Defever had recorded in conjunction with singer Karin Oliver and drummer Damian Lang. Intrigued by this avalanche of painstakingly layered music, Ivo offered to try mixing it. He went into the studio with John Fryer and messed around with the tapes. Warren liked the results, and the finished product became His Name Is Alive’s 4AD debut Livonia – a textured, artful maze of found sounds, guitar-noise, tape loops and ghostly vocals. Ivo played much the same role in the making of His Name Is Alive’s second album, Home Is In Your Head, released in 1991. – 4AD

Releases on Disciples: All the Mirrors in the House / 6teenOK


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