Reading Room – December 2018
Reading Room – December 2018

Reading Room – December 2018

Even in this digital age we still cherish the value of a written word, so here’s some recent food for thought, compiled and collected in one post! Think the process of creating dog influencers on Instagram, what its like running a tape label, an open letter from Devo and so much more!
Thor Maillet-Petridisch
First and foremost – there’s an interview with our (very) own Petridisch that was conducted by Boston Voyager. Read how Thor got into music and how both IHN the label and his own imprint Fish Prints came to be.
On Standing Up For Your Work and Your Community (via Jeff Weiss / The Creative Independent)
Smashing Pumpkins are reunited (via Dan Hyman / The Ringer)
Not So Down Under (via Al Mills / LDN Mag)
Music Blogs Are Not Dead (via James Shotwell)
Norwegian Black Metal As a Conceptual Lens in Contemporary Art (via Adam Lehrer / Forbes)
How To Dress Well on Mark Fisher’s Theory of Capitalist Realism (via How to Dress Well / Talkhouse)
2018: Who Controls Music? (via Sean Brady / Tiny Mix Tapes) – suggested by C Monster
All the Spotify Infographics: A Thread (via Adam B. Donoval)
We Are Drowning in a Devolved World: An Open Letter From Devo (via Gerald V. Casale / Noisey) – suggested by PJ Sykes / Another Cultland
The Unlikely Odds of Making it Big (via Russell Goldenberg / Dan Kopf / The Pudding)
14 Things You Learn Running a Cassette Tape Record Label (via Matthew Dunne-MilesWow 24/7) – featuring Tapeheads Recordings, Third Kind Records and Prison Tapes.
I Tried to Make My Dog an Instagram Celebrity. I Failed. (via Brian X. Chen / The New York Times)

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