Rants // Your Music
Rants // Your Music

Rants // Your Music

– That’s your music 

– No such thing

Yes there is 

My aunt, may she rest in peace. We used to have a lot of conversations with each other, but the ones based around music often ended in her assertion that going to live shows past your 20s shows horrible immaturity.

Its worthy to keep in mind that due to her age she was probably already in mental decline by then…plus there was always natural stubbornness that characterized her. Whatever it was – the important question to ask is how many people really believe that past a certain age you really can’t go to live shows because it will make you look as embarrassing as someone showing off their prized collection of baby dolls?

Well, if the Luna show I went to recently is any indication, the answer is “eff that noise”. I looked around at some point and it was a sea of people who were clearly 50 and up. And not only that, but it was a super-friendly / respectful crowd too – rarely a given at concerts. The gentlemen in a beach hat next to me got curious as to what I keep in a bag (it was books – specifically Questlove’s Creative Quest) and also shared that he loves reading too with his most recent pick being “Remain in Love” by Chris Frantz.

Members of Luna themselves aren’t young anymore either, nor do they pretend to be – and why would you? If the wrinkles on their faces would’ve affected the performance that night, it would’ve been a cause for concern, but they clearly didn’t, not in the slightest. You’re never too old to play rock music, run a record label or to go to live shows – feel free to repeat those words to anyone that starts going on about age being a problem in music/arts and feel free to ignore anyone that disagrees.


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