Dispatches from the Underground // Sept. 2023, Pt. 2
Dispatches from the Underground // Sept. 2023, Pt. 2

Dispatches from the Underground // Sept. 2023, Pt. 2

New Music

Portland Vows – The Witches Of Hopwas Woods (circa. 1984) (Third Kind)

J.M. Hart – So Below / It reminds me of my time living in Virginia – Island House

Sunwatchers – Music Is Victory Over Time (Trouble in Mind)

Tojo Yamamoto – S/T / I’m screaming in a new band, they are called Tojo Yamamoto, a 5 song EP is on presale with some sweet vinyl this Friday, it’s loud, noisy and sounds like the 90stread

Yara Asmar – Synth Waltzes and Accordion Laments (Invisible)

Ergo Phizmiz ft. Depresstival – Owl And Monkey Haven (Strategic Tape Reserve)

Jeremy Stokes – Small City / recommendedThird Kind

Jerry David DeCicca – New Shadows / Pre-order this record immediately! I promise you’ll love itJames Toth

Lost Film – Keep It Together / this band rules, check them out!Radiomancy Museum

Patrick Shiroish – I was too young to hear silence (American Dreams)

Heejin Jang – Ashes, Pomelos, and the Sickroom (Extra Noir) / The great @h33j1n has released more amazing sounds this year alone than many do in a lifetimeZ. Emerson

Veryan – Reflections In A Wilderness (Werra Foxma)

Loraine James – Gentle Confrontation (Hyperdub) (h/t Foxy Digitalis)

Levi J. Burr – Vested Over

James Toth – Septdembos / Was gonna wait to post this new batch of demos till @Bandcamp Friday, but some buds and I are announcing something bigger that day, so I’m putting these up today instead. Enjoy (and stay tuned)!

VA – Birthday Blues | 33 Artists Interpret The Music Of James Toth

VA – 2003 Cover Compilation (Outcast Tape Infirmary)

Listening Recommendations

Gigi Masin / Rod Modell – Red Hair Girl at the Bus Stop (via David James)

Seljuk Rustum – Cardboard Castles (Hive Mind)

The Horse Loom – S/T / I’d forgotten what a lovely record this is. The sound of the new, weird NorthumbriaFolk Police Recordings

The Baird Sisters – Until You Find Your Green (Grapefruit Record Club / Ba Da Bing) / I wish Meg & Laura Baird would work together more often. Lovely stuff – their voices work so well together. The 10 minute title track is a gorgeous prog folk epicFolk Police Recordings

Brendan Eder Ensemble – Cape Cod Cottage (Worried Songs) / Folks in the US who missed out on this tape, I helped distribute some in the states for Worried Songs, and I just happen to find 2 more. This is sold out. DM or email me at islandhouserecs@gmail.com. $15 total including shippingIsland House

Distant Animals – Santa Vitae (Vertical Music) / A live street performance of drone music on a cheap battery powered synthesiser whilst dressed as Santa on Xmas day in Brighton, processed via a spectral resonator

Julia Gjertsen – Formations (Moderna Records) / There are TON of piano albums out now, sometimes on big labels, that are all nice but very similar. Came across this very different and distinct one by @JuliaGjertsen and have listened to it several times. Wonderful use of ambient texturesAllister Thompson

Nicholas Langley – Plays Vitamin B12 (Strategic Tape Reserve)

Live Shows

Sep. 9 (NYC)Joseph Allred, Danny Arakaki and Theoxenia at Sundownstairs in Ridgewood


ALL ABOUT EVE – ULTRAVIOLET (1992) A LOST DREAMPOP CLASSIC (via Make Your Own Taste / Allister Thompson)


Spotify is for Suckers tee from James Toth – only 7 left!

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