Radio Shows // Cosmic Church – Ep. 22 (w/Dillon)
Radio Shows // Cosmic Church – Ep. 22 (w/Dillon)

Radio Shows // Cosmic Church – Ep. 22 (w/Dillon)

Brand new episode of Cosmic Church – our very own radio show broadcasting every 3 weeks via CAMP Radio in France! Hosted by Dillon aka Freeyourradio, whom we heartily recommend you to follow on social media/Twitter.


King champion sounds – One Man Poem (instr.) (Hive Mind)
Dustin Wong – Yves Tanguy (Jewel Garden – The Future Disintegrates comp)
Beak》- Ah Yeh (full length version) (Invada)
Henry Parker – The Brisk Lad (Cup and Ring)
Beauty Pill – You need a better mind (Northern Spy)
Suss – Ash Fork, AZ (Northern Spy)
Alabaster dePlume – Like the Soil
Log across the washer – Listen to Xasthur (Crash Symbols)
Perverts in white shirts – favour (Cruel Bones / Black Horizons)
Abby Huston – Can’t be sweet (EggHunt Records)
The Nightingales – Use your loaf (Cherry Red / Fire)
Jill Lorean – Kneading (Monohands Records)
Daniel Munkus – A once lonely man ( with Tommy White) (Irstad Recordings)
Springtime – The viaduct love suicide (Joyful Noise / Tropical Fuck Storm Records)
Emmanuel Scarpa – Tempus reductionis (Collectif Coax)
Circuit des yeux – Dogma (Matador)
Aging – Land Trance – New Opiate (Tombed Visions)
Irreversible Entanglements – Keys to creation (International Anthem / Don Giovanni)
Jake xerxes fussell – Love Farewell (Paradise of Bachelors)


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