New Music Releases – June 2020: Pt. 1
New Music Releases – June 2020: Pt. 1

New Music Releases – June 2020: Pt. 1

Talking about new releases/albums that came out this June! More in our archives.


Biosphere – Dropsonde (Touch)

Oh snap!

Dropsonde was originally released by Touch (UK) in 2006. This is a reissue with seven previously unreleased recordings.

Widely regarded as one of Norwegian electronic music’s most important artists, Biosphere’s [Geir Jenssen] career spans nearly two decades, several albums, lots of remixes, various sound installations, commissions, soundtracks and even the odd Himalayan summit.

via Jake Muir

Phatcamp – Transport For London (Self Released)

Phatcamp’s debut album ‘Transport For London’ drops 5th June. DL only, on Bandcamp.

18 tracks of tech/ rave /electro /acid / breakbeat / synthwave fun.

An electronic soundtrack for London’s hectic and often overloaded transport network. The familiar soundscape of the London Underground forms an ambient backdrop which occasionally adds its own mechanical rhythms to the techno, acid and breakbeats that roll across it.

See also – The Central Office of Information

Polypores – Azure (Castles in Space)

June 26th sees the release of @stephenjbuckley’s major new album “Azure”. A beautiful new age symphony of blissed out water music. The LP is pressed on azure blue vinyl in a gloss sleeve with foldbacks and a limited art print as designed by the mighty @nicktee_art

Tony Dork – Struggle Street (Legless)

Very good garage punk from Melbourne

via Andy Mascola

Solaris – Un Paese di Musichette Mentre Fuori c’è la Morte (Bronson Recordings)

this wonderful marbled candy just arrived at home. Italian noise post-rockers Solaris new album ‘Un Paese di musichette mentre fuori c’è la morte’, out June 19th on Bronson Recordings. Ltd to only 300 copies. preorder now

Obnox – Savage Raygun (Ever/Never Records)

Pre-ordering this new Obnox right the fuck now!

Just when you thought that the density of his discography couldn’t possibly accrue any more weight, Ever/Never Records drops the latest Obnox magnum opus on your dome like a two-ton wrecking ball. A sprawling double LP, Savage Raygun distills everything Obnox excels at into a potent potable and even adds some new spirits to the concoction. As always, Obnox (aka Lamont Thomas) supplies a heavy brew smoky with an intense flavor and bright with a zest you can’t forget.

via Garg

The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller – Dimensional Shifting (SolarOneMusic)

Solar One Music’s cofounder Robert Witschakowski and half of Dopplereffekt duo Gerald Donald return with another cosmic album of their instantly recognizable trademark. Featuring ten detailed and luminous cuts of beautifully crafted emotional music, with deep narrative over tough machine groove, the opus takes you on a moody trip across craggy soundscapes made of abrasive tones.

via vmdTM

GNOD x BNSU – Stubnitz (Tesla Tapes)

We first met Utku in Berlin , he was gigging and working behind the desk at a show we were part of and we got talking. From there he joined us for an intense and explosive R&D show at the Funkhaus in Berlin alongside Aidan Baker ,Sophie T and visual artist Levi Van Huygoort. Utkus contribution was duly noted as bringing the absolute fucking RUCKUS. So we were keen to record with him ASAP.

Carl on board the Stubnitz , docked in Hamburg provided the space for us to record and to sleep. Utku brought in the mighty Kazehito Seki and we were off. We learned a lot from these 2 intense fuckers over the 3 days. These guys really care about sound and volume and power and skills and are sound as fuck heads to boot. Their work rate and commitment to the underground is staggering.

via Dillon / FreeYourRadio

Charlotte Law – Ice Since Fire (Linear Obsessional)

Linear Obsessional is delighted to present the debut album by the London based musician and artist Charlotte Law.

Subtle drones and mysterious incident on prepared guitar.

Killdren – Dismembers of Parliament (Self Released)

The new @KilldrenMusic album is OUT TODAY on Bandcamp! Support your local DIY political rave-punk band so we can keep making noodly noises and shouting about the wrongs of the world. New merch also up today!

It’s a cracker! Very on point. “Expect a Crimewave” should be played by a soundsystem in Westminster until our politicians ears bleed.

via Libertino Radio

Cavern of Anti-Matter – In Fabric OST (Duophonic UHF Discs)

ooh, Cavern Of Anti-Matter have released the soundtrack to In Fabric

via ewan

Score – Modern Wreck (Cruel Nature Records)

Happy Release Day to @scorescorescore’s Modern Wreck!

‘There are certain pieces of music that wash over you, stop you in your tracks and demand your attention for the brief moments they play out’ – @Andy_D_Hughes

via Early Man

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