Compilations from June 2020: Pt. 1
Compilations from June 2020: Pt. 1

Compilations from June 2020: Pt. 1

First roundup of compilations that came out this month!


Fugitive Pieces (Seagrave)

Jungle, ghetto-tech, Afro futurism n more. Feat. tracks by ETCH, Brain Rays & Quiet, Stereotyp, Drumskull, Ice_Eyes, ScanOne, Sentry, REQ ft. Mignon, Ekoplekz and SDEM. Art by SKORE79 / REQ TDK

The Best of Frequency Friday (The Fuse Factory)

Digital version of compilation that originally came out on CDr on Exoteque Music in 2013

featuring Mike Shiflet, Evolution Control Committee, Textbeak and more.

via Matthew Bush

Out of the Ashes : A Benefit Album for Minneapolis (Tompkins Square)

Newly recorded tracks by Steve Tibbetts, Charlie Parr, Paul Metzger, more. Compiled by Matt Sowell. Art by D. Norsen.

Twin Cities area artists come together to support their community.

Benefit Compilation for Six Square (Aural Canyon)

Six Square is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that celebrates and preserves the great arts, culture and history of Central East Austin. Named for the six square miles of the former “negro” district, Six Square is a visionary leader and powerful partner for major projects that preserve, promote, and sustain black arts, history and culture. Six Square is the only state designated black cultural district in Texas.

featuring Tyresta, Matt LaJoie, Prana Crafter, City of Dawn and more.

Flowers in Concrete -Side International- (Ochiai Soup)

all proceeds benefit Ochiai Soup, a crucial performance space in Tokyo

If you dig noise there are some living legends on here, check it out

featuring Aaron Dilloway, Matmos, Daniel Menche, Torturing Nurse and more.

via Drew Daniel

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