New Music Releases – February 2019: Pt. 3
New Music Releases – February 2019: Pt. 3

New Music Releases – February 2019: Pt. 3

New Music Releases

Third and final roundup of new music releases from February!


Cat Temper – Henry (an electronic soundtrack to Eraserhead) (Self Released)

The sound design by Lynch and Alan Splet is an atmospheric industrial audio collage. It defines the film’s claustrophobic spaces as much as do any of the shadowy visuals. It’s long been one of my favorite works of audio art. With this in mind I humbly offer my own alternate soundtrack, named after Eraserhead’s protagonist. It’s admittedly heavy-handed and over-reaches as a simultaneous musical score and sound effects track.

Boyracer – Strong Arms c/w Teardrops (Emotional Response)

Indie pop luminaries Boyracer are back with a new album later in the year, but first they offer up two stellar non-album cuts in a short run lathe single. @emoresponse

via Raven Sings the Blues

Matchess – Fundamental 256 Hz (Longform Editions)

droning hard with this fantastic new minimal Matchess record on Longform, one of the best labels going

via Anti-Gravity Bunny

Rovellasca – Anterior Fragments (Aetheric Records)

First of two Aetheric ocurrences to haunt our listening lair, this one being a slow burner by the name ‘Anterior Fragments’ by Rovellasca.

via Mark / Losing Today

Euglossine – Coriolis (Hausu Mountain)

now streaming in full on @NoiseyMusic c/o the always lovely @outtasiteoutta. Also feat. Tristan being a cutie. 👬

“weightless and uplifting, billowing upwards on the backs of glittery guitar lines and satiny synth sequences.”

Anemone – Beat My Distance (Luminelle Recordings)

super (duper) tuneful happy sad francophile St Etienney pop from Canada (I think)

via Misterlaurie

Gemma Peacocke – Waves & Lines (New Amsterdam Records)

multimedia song-cycle feat. @ElizaBagg, @borah_han, Adam Holmes, and @Patswoboda, based on collection of Afghan women’s folk poems translated by @elizagriswold

Post-Haste Reed Duo – Donut Robot! (Aerocade Music)

New music for #saxophone and #bassoon from @alreinke @edipbeymusic @drewbakermusic Takuma Itoh, Ruby Fulton, and Michael Johanson.

Sunwatchers – Illegal Moves (Trouble in Mind)

new @SunwatchersBand album out this week. adding one more dope album cover to the collection of cool art that has already graced their covers. no need to rave about how good the music is, it just IS.

Sunwatchers drew a line in the sand with their last album “II”, a powerful statement of the band’s unique brand of spiritual, free-rock, gonzo attitude and a progressive socio-political worldview. “Illegal Moves” is their latest dispatch and second album for Trouble In Mind.

via Arise

February 2019 New Motion batch available now via digital and cassette.

Lila Tirando a Violeta – Sentient

Rhucle – Lately

Natriums – Raison D’etre

via Tracy’s EOP

Headroom – City Lights (Elm Recordings)

“..their deep, dub-influenced basslines recall my favorite post-punk bands; the way they ride a spacey groove brings to mind Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis; the trance-like rhythms and slowly evolving compositions sound like Ash Ra Tempel or early Tangerine Dream…” – Sorry State

via Post-Trash

Nancy Drone – Displacement (Conditional)
Suggested by Incentive

Cory Kilduff – When It All Gets to Be a Bit Too Much (Burning Witches)


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