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Talking about all the new music that came out in August. See part 1 here.


Beachers – Refugia (Self Released)

Hey, I have a new album up at Bandcamp now. Five tracks, all mess, no groove.

via Drylwrthngtn

Bellows – Undercurrent (Black Truffle)

if it’s anything like their shelter press album a few years back you’ll be left with an unsettlingly vague sense of rhythm, a cartesian breakdown trying to do something about it, then reach for the dramamine. i really liked it.

Hypnotic & disorienting sonics from the long-running duo of Giuseppe Ielasi & Nicola Ratti both sonically exploratory & immediately accessible

via cowsarejustfood

Tristan Welch – Chromesthesia Chronicles (Self Released)

A deeply immersive audio journey encompassing a wide range of moods and emotions, this collection of nine musical compositions from Tristan Welch is by no means your run-of-the mill ambient music, expressing what it is to be human while transcending words and lyrical content.

William Fields – Bewilderment (SUPERPANG)

William Fields is an artist and musician from the Philadelphia area whose work explores algorithmic composition, improvisation, and audio-visual correspondence.

via Pope Dan Gusset

Ezra Feinberg & John Kolodij – S/T (Whited Sepulchre Records)

Bless whatever cosmic winds brought together this split between NYC guitarist and composer Ezra Feinberg and multi-instrumentalist John Kolodij. Traveling deep blue highways of the mind, their split LP opens up the stunning vistas that link these two artists in sound and texture. Their compositions offer an immersive headphone record that pairs rich guitar work – thick with droning overtones or riding heavy with in-the-red distortion – with bucolic woodwinds, brass, piano, strings and electronic processing. An album that finds both artists at peak form.

via Odubhda

Gaudi – 100 Years of Theremin (The Dub Chapter) (Dubmission Records)

To celebrate 100 years of the Theremin, super producer Gaudi and friends have created an album of Theremin infused dub.

Developed in 1920 by Russian physicist Léon Theremin, the Theremin is an electronic device which works with magnetic fields and consists of one metal antenna controlled without physical contact. Predominantly a fairly niche instrument, it has featured in several styles of music since its creation, from classical works to sci-fi movie soundtracks, pop and rock.

via R. Stevie Moore

The Heliocentrics – Telemetric Sounds (Madlib Invazion)

a new album, and it is SUPER trippy!

The UK’s cosmic, psychedelic-funk ensemble issue their second album on maverick producer Madlib’s label, Madlib Invazion.

via Bill Barnett

회사AUTO – Manic Pixie Dream Boy (Self Released)

An a tribute to the coming of age journey of being a Manic Pixie Dream Boy, including but not limited to types like Ness from EarthBound, Lucas from Mother 3, Ferris Bueller, prophets, artists, and pure hearts. A hope that all current MPDBs escape the snares of the abyss and journey into the Cave of the Past Present and Future, into the sanctuary to open their Nous (eye of the soul) to truly see and commune in love [καὶ νῦν καὶ ἀεὶ καὶ εἰς τοὺς αἰῶνας τῶν αἰώνων]

via Soulcraft

Phew – Vertigo KO ()

A compilation of unreleased material from the Light Sleep and Voice Hardcore sessions alongside specially recorded new material, including a cover of “The Void” by The Raincoats. Both formats include a 20 page zine designed by Studio Tape Echo featuring photography from Masayuki Shioda and writing from both Disciples and Phew. It follows on from a limited edition cassette and digital release of Phew’s music on Disicples called Vertical Jamming, which compiled some of the cult Japanese artist’s longform drone works.

via Unsung Hunger

Mount Shrine & Alphaxone – Dream Chambers (Cryo Chamber)

Mount Shrine and Alphaxone group up on this collaborative album exploring the delicate bridge between reality and dreams. A soothing journey served through crackling field recordings, deep basses and harmonic textural padwork.

Swordman Kitala X Sekelembele Split (HAKUNA KULALA)

Ruinous rave tackle on both sides of this plate, dialling up the energy of ‘90s Kingston and Brixton to equatorial boiling point with rowdy and industrial scale riddims supplied by two Japanese mutants. DJ Scotch Egg renames himself after Uganda’s favourite street food with a hardcore mix of dancehall and frenchtek strapped to rasping, barked vox by Swordman Kitala, while DJ Die Soon follows with a jabbing steppers beat for producer/MC Sekelembele, debuting on record like a turnt Elephant Man with ‘Moto Nyama’.

via James Britt

Kevin Richard Martin – Frequencies For Leaving Earth Volume 5 (Intercranial Recordings)

This is the final instalment of the ‘Frequencies for Leaving earth’ series.

The genesis of the ‘Frequencies For Leaving Earth’ concept was thought up by Kevin Martin in 2019.

When Martin subsequently took a long distance flight from Berlin to Mexico City in Dec 2019, he wrote the skeletal sketches for ‘Volume 5’ during that journey. The smacked out jazz versus classical sirrup prototypes, were first composed on the plane at an altitude of 35,000 feet off the ground..…

Anyone previously smitten by The Bug vs Earth’s ‘Concrete Desert’, or the sick musical backdrop to King Midas Sound’s ‘Solitude’, could well fall for this long playing fade out to oblivion(or the Heavens, take your pick..)…

via dubpixel

Joey Joesph – Smile (Eyebrow Palace Records)

This mf recorded a note-for-note Smile on Garageband.

via Matt DeMello

GhostHost – Slasher Studios ()

Excited to have the ultra limited edition Slasher Studios KILLection from @Ghosthost40! This pic only hints at the amazing details, love and craft that went into this package, not to mention the album itself. Awesome work!!

via Cat Temper

CEL SHADE – c0pulate (Holojamz)

An unfamiliar female presenting person has started working at Kbyte. “Hi, I’m Runa. I’m new” she mutters. In training she catches the lingering eyes of another coworker and things unfold. Reluctant the veteran employee feels something off about her. Something otherworldly is going on.

ll nøthing ll – SACRIFICE (Aquablanca)

via SJ/Vy

Titan To Tachyons – Cactides (Nefarious Industries)

if you need a decent blast of jazzy prog metal this Titan To Tachyons thing should sort you out

via ewan

36 – Rock N Roll Forever! (MuteAnt Sounds)

4 Long tracks, sit back and absorb the experimental, free form “Rock” drone

Guitar Rick Gallagher (Two Foot Tall Jerk,Cigar for Castro, Karl Ray)

Drums Sam Lohman

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