New Music Releases – August 2019: Pt. 3
New Music Releases – August 2019: Pt. 3

New Music Releases – August 2019: Pt. 3

New Music Releases

Talking about new music that came out this August (again) – with a bit of help from our followers!

Alpha Chrome Yayo – Komorebi (Self Released) 

‘Komorebi’ – a Japanese word referring to the phenomenon of sunbeams filtering through trees, the interplay of light and leaves.

Influenced by Terje Rypdal, Vangelis, David Shire, Ryo Fukui and countless other musicians, this upcoming EP is a mostly ambient, experimental release – a search for serenity, a dive into the unperceived.

via Cat Temper

Brazen Head – Banjaxed (MuteAnt Sounds) 

A ruckus of an jazz duo that clambers between defiant strokes of free jazz to frying in acid bop in outer space, these guys bring the house down with a bari-sax, fx and drums.

Mercy Choir – Upturned in Everest (Dead Language Records) 

Think gospel revival meets English synth pop, with a sprinkle of 1960s minimalism and moody Americana. – Arts Council of Greater New Haven

G.S. Sultan – Jeremy (Mondoj)

Mondoj is pleased to present Jeremy, the latest release from LA’s Roy Werner, who is perhaps better known for his work as G.S. Sultan. While the Max/MSP magician’s previous works delved into ideas of “avant-garde pointilism” (ad.sculpt tutorial, Orange Milk Records) or presented “abstract noise as a communicative medium” (Redundancy Suite, Phinery), Jeremy repurposes pop music to create abstract, vaporous forms.

J. Soliday – slippage (Self Released) 

new digital only release out today
53 short tracks to be shuffled, looped, and left playing indefinitely

Nature of Wires – Modus (AnalogueTrash)

Coughy – Ocean Hug (Joyful Noise Recordings) 

We would like to introduce you to the playful fearlessness that is Coughy.

Coughy began as a late night recording experiment at a performing arts summer camp, formed by two musical associates — Julian (Ava Luna) and Andy (Laser Background / Speedy Ortiz). 

loscil – Equivalents (Kranky) 

Equivalents – A series of photographs of clouds by the photographer Alfred Steiglitz beginning in 1925 Who’s intent was meant to detach the actual image from the subject. In this case the subject was something other than the clouds.

In music all are equivalents as music is truly abstract by nature.

Modal Plane / Pressurewave – New Age Forestry (Circuit Church) 

Last night @jaredsilvia @ModularVoid and myself did a straight from cassette rip of side A and Side B of terra_null, you get both with either a digital or cassette purchase from @circuitchurch‘s bandcamp

Wet Spell – Littlefield (Self Released)

a few things I worked on are recently released. My friend Pat Linnan came out to Littlefield a few months ago & we recorded this EP of his really beautiful tunes together.

via Andrew Weathers

Prana Crafter / Tarotplane – Symbiose (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond)

Happy release day to my dudes @PranaCrafter and @tarotplane_ for their new split LP

via Marco Esquandistance

Automatic Band – Calling It / Mind Your Own Business (Stones Throw)

Automatic is Izzy Glaudini (synths, vocals), Lola Dompé (drums, vocals) and Halle Saxon (bass, vocals). The band first met while immersed in L.A.’s DIY music scene and started jamming together in 2017. Over the past year they have become a mainstay on the L.A. club circuit.

via Radio Night Train

Shuta Hasunuma – 454 (Northern Spy Records)

Born 1983 in Tokyo. Next to performing live with his own “Shuta Hasunuma Philharmonic Orchestra” in Japan and abroad, his diverse activities include contributing soundtracks to stage productions and movies, and producing and creating music that is mainly based on environmental and electronic sounds.

‘Oa’ stands for “Old Address,” which has two meanings. The first is that of my old address in Upper East Side of NYC. The song “454” refers to my apartment number, “BORO” to the “Queensboro Bridge” visible from my room, “LEX” to the nearby Lexington Avenue subway station, and “20150716” is the date of recording.

via Adam Downey

Carriers – Now Is The Time For Loving Me, Yourself & Everyone Else (Good Eye Records) 

Having played in several bands and touring throughout the US since, skipping college in the process, Cincinnati-based artist Curt Kiser has been meticulously crafting his proper debut as a songwriter in step with his own personal development. Adopting the moniker Carriers back in 2014, Kiser has worked with a collective of friends, including Bryan Devendorf (The National) and John Curley (The Afghan Whigs), to bring his sweeping rock visions to life.

Vitalis/Computer – Valles Marineris (Self Released) 

So the thing I did with @BrennaLotus for @RAICESTEXAS is out now

via Computer

Pan•American – Nightbirds (Longform Editions) 

lovely new PAN AMERICAN on Longform Editions

via John Kolodij

Matt Carey – Xtra Curricular Communication (Self Released) 

HUGE album by matt carey coming from out of Boston. Get on it.

via Nick Minieri

Part Timer – Sketch (Self Released)

So good to have Part Timer @johnparttimer back if only for this new EP, one can only daydream what a full album might sound like coming from him after all this time. Support this and let Part Timer know we want more.

via Lost Tribe Sound

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